September 27, 2012

9/27/12 (Im going HOME!....)

So if you don't know, I live in Maryland but I am actually from Michigan... Born & Raised baby!! SO i swear God is so good. My uncle came to me  yesterday & stated that a family member on my fathers side passed, (no this isnt good) but he asked if I would help him drive home tomorrow & stay for the weekend.
Heck Yes! lol now I wont attend the funeral (since I have chosen not to associate with much of that side of the family, plus I never met this cousin) I will be going to my home at my mommas, yep I still say my house when it comes to my moms house, after all its is my house, my home.

I haven't been home in over a year, even though I am only an 8 hours drive, 1 hour by plane away money always comes into play. I miss my sisters & momma so much. All of my friends are there too, unfortunately one of my best friends is in freakin Orlando! I am so jealous she is on vacay & she is now so bummed she is not home to see me.  Bummer.....

September 26, 2012

Can You Make Room for some Fall soaps?

Hey everyone, so here is the thing, I have 2 great Fall soaps I want to list in my shop. The scents are Pumpkin Spice & Cranberry Pomegranate . Yumnmy huh? I would love to sell out of a couple soaps before I list the Fall ones. Can you help me with this? Ive been getting some good orders but these soaps are SO close to selling out, only a few left of each! I made a sale section in my shop & Flat shipping is $5.00 so you can get 1 of each bar of your want  ( 6 bars total)( standard shipping may be chosen if only getting a few items). Shipping will be done Saturday. The sooner I sell out the sooner I can list the Fall Soaps! So what you waiting for? SHOP NOW!

Visit my store on Storenvy

September 25, 2012

9/25/12 ( How much is too much to blog about?)

Okay so this post is solely my personal thoughts, I would love to read some of your thoughts yet just please respect mine, okay?

Lately I ve seen some bloggers that have chosen to blog about some really personal things .  Now there is a difference to me about blogging on your personal business. For instance, there is blogging about a personal experience to help others ( Domestic violence, cancer) then there is blogging about personal things
( troubled relationship) . I dont know about you but to me personally I am a private person, I know & understand that not everyone thinks or feels the same way.

 Ive come across some blogs that have divulged some pretty personal things. Im like "why?, keep that to yourself"  Like one blogger stated they are taking break because the relationship they are in is falling apart. Ive read beauty blogs that said " sorry Im not blogging due to a breakup", then go on to tell the story of a whole relationship that has nothing to do with beauty. I felt like we don't need to know that, even as loyal readers. I then thought about the other party in the relationship & how they felt about a few hundred people knowing thier personal business or should I say the whole world? After all its the WEB.  Think about it.

September 24, 2012

Monday- Catch-up: 9/24/12 (Random Drives)

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was well. Ours was pretty good. Saturday Mr. picked me up from work, I was way too tired to drive to work by myself  Friday nite, He bought us breakfast from The Pancake house. While he slept I did some school work & then joined him for a couple for hours.  It was around 4 when we woke (sleepy ppl I know)

 Mr. Then suggested that we take a drive. Its one of our things that we enjoy doing, Just driving. Its actually one of the few ways that I get to explore & see Maryland. I didn't take no pics because We really didn't stop anywhere & I doubt you all want too see highways lol.  We grabbed dinner then headed home & enjoyed our nite.

Sunday of course was just a lazy day besides a little food shopping.
Breakfast this morning

This week I am bound & determined to stay focused on what my goals are. School. I have a couple projects that I need to work on. I want to be on top of  my work. I swear these weeks go by fast.

I Have pot roast in the crock pot for dinner, after this post I plan on working out, straighting up this house & cleaning the bathroom, then getting started on my school work.

How was your weekend?

September 23, 2012

Forgive Me - by Anthony Evans

I am not afraid to speak of my Faith on this blog, Its apart of who Iam. I came across this song today & it spoke to my heart, This song is truth for me. I need to be reminded who Is my Lord.  Wonderful song by Anthony Evans called "Forgive me" I heard he was on The Voice, I don't watch those singing shows but he has some serious talent & the way he praise makes you feel it. I love a song that makes me feel it so much that I cant help but cry from my soul because it speaks to me. Listen & enjoy - Good Sunday


September 22, 2012

9/22/12 ( Obstacles & triumphs with Online school)

So it has been about about 4 -5 weeks since I have started my online classes. I thought I would blog about my Obstacles & triumphs so ffar with online schooling, I actually have been getting alot of questions about it & just had a convo with a coworker about classes.

A. Why Online school? - First off its so much more convenient! We only have 1 car right now & Mr. has the car during the day fro work . I would like to stay home to take care of the house. My campus is a while away. It just all works out for me in the end.

  • Working at night- i work at night which is great because I can easily do my class work yet most nites I just want to blog & watch movies to stay up & I become sleepy & reading just makes it worse!
  • Sleepy during the Day: Most days so far when I get home I just want to sleep because I am tired, I then get sidetracked by sleep & then doing stuff around the house.
  • Weekends: I have to work on getting out of the mind state of "Ill do it on the weekend" because in reality I don't want to do it on the weekend!
  • Putting aside time & prioritizing; I am still working on this! oh the joy of studying,
  •  I have a full week to do my work , except the main discussion posting that are due during the week.
  • Working alone: I like working alone , I feel I do my best work this way, mostly I am able to work alone, except a study group in one class which I hate that we have them, I want to be able to just do my work & be done! haha
  • works with my schedule: I don't have a set schedule for classes which is amaze.
So tell me , have any of you taken online classes? What are your thoughts about it?


September 21, 2012

Friday's Letter's: 9/21/12

Its Friday again!

Dear Week- you already about over, I couldn't be more happier.
Dear School- Its that time for final projects and papers. Oh I am not looking forward to you.
Dear Mr. - I have enjoyed you being home but I know your ready to get back to work.
Dear Little Shop- Your doing so good, & your getting more & more exposure.
Dear Followers- Thank you for all your comments & support.

Enjoy your weekend!

September 20, 2012

10% Off at CurlyGirlBeauty Shop ends this Saturday

Just a friendly reminder  that the 10% off sale promotion I am having at my shop is ending THIS Saturday. I am compliling all of this weeks orders to be shipped out on Saturday. So if your want to order & get your package between Monday-Wednesday Now is the time to shop. International shipping is open.  Here are a few pics of what I have in my shop. Shop Now

Mango butter Honey Lip balm

Lavender Rose Bath bar

September 19, 2012

9/19/12 (Storms,First Cars & Jacked up Parking)

Today was a rainy Fall day but I loved it. When I went out to get the mail before it stormed the wind was warm & the cloudy look in the sky was nice, the falling leaves, I could have stayed out there forever.  I enjoy Summer because  that is when my Birthday is but I do enjoy Fall. Something about the leaves & pumpkin patches,Apple Cider, Cider mills, the weather this is what makes me fall in love with Fall.

Today was simple, Mr. had the day off which was nice, I was so annoyed this morning to go out to the parking lot at work & find I could barely get into my car because of the nurses jacked up parking! They see you trying to get to your car when they are slowly taking their time to pull out. urgghhhh!

September 18, 2012

9/18/12 ( Business Learnings)

Well as  you all know I have opened up my own shop on Storenvy, I am so proud of it. This past Saturday I shipped out my first orders & that was a great feeling. I am finding that I am always learning when it comes to owning a small ( Tiny) Business. Im still doing research & finding out  things I should do, branding so & so. So this begs the question: Are You Trying to make this thing serious? That answer........ Yes

I would love to have my own small business that I can do & stay at home . I have always wanted something of my own.  I recently did a YT video & one of my friends in Miami seen it & immediately text me . When we talked & catch ed up she said " Listen you know I graduated school for Advertising & Graphic Design, I don't know if you have someone but I would love to work with you on your business" I was floored.  yet excited.

I told her that I was looking for someone to do a logo or something for labels, I think its a great experience for  both of us. I would love to her get more experience & me get experience too. She asked me many questions about logos & advertising & what I wanted for my business  that I honestly never thought of asking or thinking about.

I am excited to learn & I know it wont be easy. But If I am serious about setting up something long term then I need to learn.


September 14, 2012

Friday's Letter's: 9/14/12 & Sponsor Spots!

Dear Week: I am glad you are about over, you have been rough & I can only pray its gets better.
Dear Blog Followers: Did you guys know your so awesome!? Shoutout to the new followers & thank you guys so much for your comments!
Dear Mr. :  Just know, I got your message. I cant see no one but you & I LOVE YOU.
Dear School: gosh darn it ! Ima finish my home work early BEFORE the weekend. I WILL CONQUER YOU.
Dear Father: Thank you for your sweet phone call this week. Your making progress so far.  ;)
Dear Store: I pray that we have success & your doing good so far!

Have a good weekend everyone & please don't forget to check out my store & place your orders before Saturday 9am so that your order can be shipped out tomorrow! Don't forget  10% off all orders! Shop Here

Sponsors NOW being Taken! Want to show off your Blog? Go to "Contact me" & click on "Blogger Ad" enter Promo code "HUB1" to get your Blog shown for FREE! Hurry NOW only 5 spots open!


September 12, 2012

NIVEA Skincare Package GIVEAWAY!

Hello everyone! So I am hosting a Sweet Giveaway on my Beauty Blog & because I think its so awsome I am  also giving you lovely followers the chance to get in on the action since I know many of you dont follow my other blog. This is U.S only & it ends 9/22/12 You can go over to CurlyGirlBeauty to read my review of the following products. The package I recieved is the same package you will be getting including the $50.00 Visa Gift card!
 Giveaway Info: You MUST be a GFC Follower of this  blog if your entering here or at CurlyGirlBeauty & you MUST leave a Madatory Comment below : Saying your a GFC follower, a working email & a Skincare tip. ( Uncompleted comments will not be entered) Make sure the comment is documented in the Rafflecopter  since that is how the  winner will be chosen, any comments NOT registered in the Rafflecopter will not be counted.

Enjoy & Good Luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

September 11, 2012

Store now Officially OPEN! 10% OFF

Hey Loves, check out my store, Lip balms are now up for sale as well as a couple new yummy soaps. Check to the right hand side of the blog for a special Discount Code just for my blog followers!

Recipe: Panko,Spinach Steak rolls

Recipe time! In my quest to find healthier recipes, I came across this clean eating recipe. Its Steak rolled up with whole wheat panko & spinach. Its pretty quick to put together & taste good too, a fave in my house.

Enjoy the Pics! -
Whole Wheat Panko, Minced Garlic,Red Wine Vinegar & Chili Pepper flakes
Flank or thin steak & Spinach ( not pictured)

I marinated the flank, or thin steak with a marinade by Lawry's, It keeps the meat tender.

September 10, 2012

Monday Catch-up: 9/10/12

Happy Monday everyone I hope your weekend was good. Mine was pretty good. Saturday I had lunch with a friend from school & then pretty much chilled out for the rest of the day.

On Sunday I went to the crafts store & got a few more soap supplies. I made 3 batches of soap & put them up in the store yesterday, you can check them out in yesterdays post. I plan on making a batch or 2 today as well and posting pics in the store.  Stay tuned to my Beauty blog as I will be starting a Giveaway this week. Also I will be posting a recipe tomorrow!
2 out of the 3 batches I made.

September 9, 2012

Soft Opening... Some Bath bars now for sale.

Hello Dolls, So I now have 3 kinds of Bath bars up for sale. Price starts at $1.75. I will have more up this week. These are the first 3 batches. Get them before they become out of stock!  Here are some pics below.

"I'm a Man" Eucalyptus Mint
 "She's All Heart" Rose
 "Call me Honey" Honey Almond

September 7, 2012

Fridays Letters: 9/7/12

Happy Friday! Whooohooooo! I think Ive had a pretty amazing week myself what about you?
Dear Mr. :  I love you tooo  much sometimes, Thank you for being so supportive of my new business & giving me some great Ideas, for this I am making you a special soap! ;)
Dear Followers: Thank you & hello to my new followers & to all of you that show me some comment love! I am trying more to put up more pictures since I noticed you guys enjoy them!
Dear School: I am still working on getting a proper handle of you, Ill get there but hey I am getting good grades so far.
Dear Enterprise Branch: I can honestly say I wont EVER rent a car from your branch again. My experience has been complete Bullish!
Dear Weekend: I am ready for you to be here! I cant wait to have lunch with my monkey ( a friends nickname)

Enjoy  your weekend!

September 6, 2012

9/6/12 (New Bedding& more store news,supplies)

Its almost the weekend again! whoo! Wednesday was a busy day for me but a good one. I was so tired but I really wanted to go to Micheal's Craft Store to see about getting some more supplies for my store, I have already ordered some supplies but I admit Iam inpatient haha I also wanted to get some & make a few things to test out. I also went to Bed,Bath & Beyond where I got us some new bedding!

I got some Olive Oil & Goats Milk soap base (I also ordered Honey & Shea Butter base) I got some more molds & fragrance oils & some cute little bags & ribbons of my logo colors to package them in.  I will be making my first soap bar TODAY! I also got some extra things for my soaps to make them better like Sweet Almond Oil for more moisturizing & Apricot seeds for exfoliation.

September 4, 2012

My Dream Project...

pssshhhh I have a secret.. I am working on a project that I have been wanting  for a long time....
Let me explain....

Ever since I was a little girl Ive wanted to have my own business. I even had a few attempts! haha When I was in high school and was introduced to makeup I wanted to have my own makeup company. Then came the world of blogging & then mark. which I love doing by the way & even though I am my own boss with with mark. deep down I craved to have something truly of my own.

I seen many ladies like me who made their own soaps,laundry powder, lip balms, makeup etc & I was enamored by it. I used to think I couldn't do it. I have been telling my Mr. that I want to do some craft & have my own business but of course something that I was passionate & loved. So I took the plunge..... I said " I can do this"

I have always wanted to make my beauty blog CurlyGirlBeauty a brand. Its what I am & what I love to do. I also love lip products. Its the most bought beauty item for me. So when it came to business making a great lip balm came easily! I wanted simple, great products that I know everyone uses , products that I use.  Thus CurlyGirlBeauty -Handmade Cosmetics was born.

What have I done so far?-
I have ordered some supplies to make my own lip balm & bath soaps. I have also worked on a simple logo as well. I have also begun building & working on  my store on Store envy. I choose to go with them instead of Etsy for the fact Store envy does not charge to host or anything unlike Etsy.

What's the plan so far?-
I plan on making a small batch of lip balms & bath soap. Then I will open  my store do like a soft opening of my store & sell that batch. To test it out & see how it goes. I also plan on giving a few products to a couple coworkers to let them have fun &  use them myself.

I ask that you lovely friends take this journey with me . Ill be doing another post soon showing some product. Let me know what yall think! Here is my simple logo below. Share your thoughts!


Recipe: Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothie/Soft serve

So the other day I wanted something sweet,healthy & yummy... I then remembered I had some bananas &strawberries that I wanted to use before it went bad. I came up with the SWEET idea of a smoothie! hahaha, We LOVE making healthy smoothies at my house so it was perfect. I also wanted to make one with my new protein powder from the Tone It Up girls called Perfect Fit Protein. Its Vanilla flavor & all natural & organic.  The end results were so yummy Ill be making some more today!

This Smoothie is all  healthy,natural & easy! Of course you make this to your personal preference. I found this also doubles as a great soft serve! Enjoy the step by step pics of this yummy smoothie!


September 3, 2012

Monday Catch-up: 9/3/12 (Birthday & weekend lunches)

Happy Monday! I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend & Labor Day. I am still working no matter what so school & work doesn't stop! I also have some errands to run today as well not to mention my regular care of the house on Mondays. The Mr. is off today so I am cleaning up around him! haha but I enjoy him being home with me. He does all the "manly" stuff around here.

My birthday was pretty chill, I just did regular house stuff & made dinner , my birthday was in the middle of the week anyway, I did take the night off though. The Mr. Surprised me though with Beautiful purple roses & a yummy cake! The best part? I got  a new Tiffany's Charm Bracelet! I love things that come in a little blue box!


September 1, 2012

DIY Stencil Letters to Your Laundry Powder jug

So since I did a post on my DIY Laundry powder I also wanted to show you how I stenciled my letters onto the 2 gal jug I use to store my laundry powder. Its supper easy & inexpensive to do.  All together including the 2 gallon jug the cost was $17.62 , I got all the products at Walmart. So enjoy the Step by Step pics & Let me know if you have done this project yourself!