October 31, 2012

Classic 100% Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

Its Recipe time! Ever made your own bread? Thought it was too much work? Well Im here to tell you its not! Not only is making your own Whole Wheat bread healthier because its doesn't have the preservatives & all that other stuff but you know whats in it, you can make it to your own specifications & taste & with a bag of whole wheat flour you can make as many loaves as you like! I found this easy recipe by King Arthur Flour.com I recently bought a bag of 100% Whole Wheat flour,  it has 14% protein & its All natural.  It retails for about $4.95.

This recipe is easy but make sure you have a couple hours on hand & honestly that isn't even bad, for a couple hours your just waiting for the dough to rise, this is simple, you can make the dough & go on about making dinner like I did or doing other housework.  You can also use honey ( which I used),Maple Syrup or Molasses in your bread. Ill paste what the recipe says about using the different variations.

tips from our bakers

  • Why the range of water in the dough? A lot depends on the weather, the season, and how you measure flour. You'll need the lesser amount of water in the summer; or when it's humid/stormy; if you measure flour by weight; or if you sprinkle your flour into the measuring cup, then level it off. You'll need the greater amount of water in winter; when it's dry out, and the humidity is low; or if you measure flour by dipping your cup into the canister, then leveling it off.
  • The liquid sweetener you choose makes a difference. Molasses produces the darkest loaf, one with old-fashioned flavor. Honey yields a lighter, milder loaf. Maple syrup makes a less-sweet loaf — unless you use real maple syrup, in which case it'll be similar to a loaf made with honey, albeit with a faint hint of maple.
  • If you're someone who tends to taste whole wheat as somewhat bitter, try substituting 1/4 cup of orange juice for 1/4 cup of the water in this recipe. A bit of orange juice tones down whole wheat's somewhat tannic taste.- King Arthur Flour

October 29, 2012

Monday Catch-up: 10/29/12

As I'm typing this post by email, since internet is still not up, I'm drinking a cup of coffee, I've been up since 4 am on & off. We have been glued to the tv & the morning news to see updates on the Hurricane Sandy that is hitting us. Everything is closed & at this point I'm not sure if I'm going to work later tonite. They don't want no one on the roads for anything.

On a different note, I made fresh Homemade bread. Yesterday which turned out great! Mr. Really loved it & I think ill start baking my own whole wheat bread from now on. Its healthier without all the preservatives & tastes so much better! Ill post more on it later with a few pics as well as posting the recipe.

I will end this post here but please pray for the Eastern States as we are getting hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.
Santana  via Blackberry

October 27, 2012

10/27/12 ( I'm Still Here, In case ur wondering...)

Hello everyone! Its been about 2 weeks since I blogged last. So much has been going on.  I had to finish finals & final projects for school. Then  I also was going through something personal & just felt that I needed to step away from things & be myself. I tend to get  into those "moods" sometimes. I am famous for just disappearing on ppl & the world & becoming reclusive into myself.  I like being by myself & sometimes I feel its needed.

My Internet connection at home & work has been  finicky, so I haven't been able to really post & do all that I normally do but its ok because the inspiration to post here hasn't been here.  My cell phone has also been turned off which honestly has been amazing, I loved not having a connection with the world & ppl calling & texting me.  Again I can be & I am perfectly content being by myself.

Now it seems im getting to the swing of things again.  The election is coming, Im so excited to vote. #ObamaAllTheWay  & Ive been promoting my shop like crazy, I made a couple new soaps which are in the shop now, please go & shop , I also added some yummy Vegan lipbalms & a lip balm trip pack.

Life here in Maryland is kinda crazy right now, in my city where I live we have been having a number of sexual attacks on women which is scary, these women are out walking on the paths or something of the sort. Of course this makes Mr. very nervous ( he is very protective) which I dont blame him, when I drive to work at nite Im extra cautious because they still haven't caught the ppl or man that's attacking these women.

The state is also bunking down this weekend as Hurricane Sandy is suppose to hit us hard. So I plan to do some food shopping in the am as soon as I get off work.  Then Ill just be staying in the house & spending quality time with Mr.

Can I just say I ve been eating some YUMMY Key Lime cupcakes? A lady Mr. works with bakes & has a little cupcake/cake business, she always sends Mr. home with cakes & cupcakes for me to try. She wants to do our wedding cake! haha Which is fine, I told Mr. to tell her  she keep sending all the samples she wants! I told him she is definitely a choice for us. Dont get too excited for anything guys, we just talking! haha

All in all Im ok & just pushing through. Ill post again when Im able too.  Be blessed & if your getting hit by the Hurricane too please be safe & you will be in my prayers.

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October 12, 2012

Fridays Letters: 10/12/2012


Happy Friday!
Dear School: The first semester is just about over, wow, ...
Dear Shop: I am so proud of you & that your doing well, I love shipping out orders every week. (psshhh I am having a 10% off sale)
Dear Mr.: I love ya Te Quiero
Dear Beauty Blog: I have been neglecting you lately & next week & Ill be posting like crazy!
Dear Blog Readers: You all ROCK!

P.S( If my Spanish Professor is readinng this, HOLA!)  jaja
Have a Great Weekend everyone!

October 10, 2012

10/10/12 ( Finals,Projects, & Tiredness)

Hello everyone, How are y'all doing? I know I haven't posted in a while. Its now finals week at school & I have been busy doing projects & study (sort of)  Last week since I came back from my Short trip home I have been having hard time getting my sleep & doing my work.  Last week I more concerned about staying awake at work & getting enough sleep at home then I was in doing my homework & studying.  Of course I am paying for it & I have no one to blame but myself, & that's frustrating .

I waited  till Sunday to do a paper & finish a Power Point, Spent all day doin HW, go me.  Of course I waited till Tuesday to study for a final exam which I had that same day in like a hour. Yes I  know I am smart. No need to tell me.  ugh

But like I said I have no one to blame but myself, so I take full responsibility. I just know it wont happen again next semester.   On other news my shop is doing pretty well & Some of my best sellers are on the "Best Sellers" list! Whoo! So excited, so make sure you stop by & check out my store & shop while you can get 10 % off.

October 3, 2012

10/3/12 (Fresh Fall Soaps & Sleepy Rainy Days)

So today was rainy, & Fall which I enjoyed. Those are  the perfect days to just lay in bed all day & not do anything. I took pics of my day & just thought I would show em.  Enjoy...

All snuggled in bed... Glorious.....Absolutely Glorious..
 Fresh soaps cooling, Fall Collection- Pumpkin Spice &  Cranberry pomegranate My house smelled yummy for hours.

October 2, 2012

10/2/12 ( Im Back!)

Hello ervyone! I am back in the East Coast state from the Mid-West. Man! what a trip & what it took to get there. It was drama filled to even go, but at the end I ended up driving up to Michigan by myself. My frist  road trip by myself. I admit I was nervous at first but once I got on the road I became at ease. The drive there & back went smoothly.

It was so good to see  my sisters & my mother. I also got to see mi abuela (grandmother) & one of my great friends (Hey Stooge!) hahaha.  I ended up driving back Monday, When I got home I took a bath & rested.
All in All in was a good but short trip! Enjoy some pics....

I had to stop & get some Coney Island @NationalConeyIsland- We went on a Sunday so all the waiteress were rockin Lions gear. (Sadly we lost the game)