July 26, 2012

MasterChef: Christine Ha ( The Blind Cook)

Ok so I know that I am late with watching the show, they are now in the top 6 I do believe. I have been addicted to Gordon Ramsay & have been catching up on Hells Kitchen & now Master chef . This season there is a woman by the name of Christine Ha, she is blind, but you never know that by the way she cooks.  Right off she caught my attention, I dint feel sorry for her, I was inspired & shocked that a person with no sight could cook like she could see.  She is definite making her presence known in the competition. I have been like obsessed with learning about this woman . I love people who others may disregard with just having a disablity, but who show they here to shine!

I really believe that people who lose a sense ( i.e sight,hearing,etc) the other senses are heighten.  You cant tell me there isn't a GOD. That's all I will say, check out the video below & take a look at her site Please support her in Master Chef.
The Blind Cook.com

July 20, 2012

Friday Letter's 7/20/12


DEAR WEEK: You have gone by fast! But I am not complaining, I like my weekends!
DEAR PAYCHECK:  Thank you for paying bills & buying me a new purse & wallet!
DEAR HELL"S KITCHEN: I am so obsessed with watching you  & your sparking a passion for cooking.
DEAR...... yup that's pretty much it... hahahaha


July 19, 2012

7/19/12 (Life Goes On)

Its that time of the year where its wedding season but also my birthday is coming up. This particular year I have 2 very good friends who are getting/got married. Ill be 26 this year & with that age comes a little bit of "what the heck im I doing with my life?!" Its so hard to NOT compare yourself with what your friends are doing. You see them going into different seasons of life & you just seem stagnate.

I had a major like "What am I doing ?!" crisis when I was about to turn 25, now that I am about to turn 26 I am just like, "My Time has to be coming" OF course I always thought I would be further (as far as education,job) but I am not, for most of my 20s I ve had the same job. I cant say that my life hasn't been good, Ive been blessed in many ways. But I also still feel stagnate in ways too.

Ive lived in a state for going on 6 years & I still don't have any actual friends here, truth be told the only friends I ever had her were guys that I was "talking" to before I got into a relationship, the females friends I had before , well the friendships ended. So yes I don't really hang out, which is sucky sometimes because I am not used to that. My friends are back home & all over the U.S .  I don't know, i feel like im prepping somehow for something.

The thing is. I know my life is not done & only I can change it. I have a feeling that this new year is going to bring some major changes that I need to be ready for. I also know that everybody Else's season is not mine. Just because friends are getting married doesn't mean its my time. Just because they are done with school  doesn't mean its my time. When my season comes I know it will be perfect just for me. You cant rush things just because everyone is doing them , & let me tell ya I don't do things because everyone is either.

I have always done things on my own time, & I know this is one of them. But at least I can say this: Going into my new year next month I will be back in school & will be hard at work on finishing my Psych degree, there will also be hard work put into saving to move . So yes I have big things planned & yes they will happen.


July 18, 2012

7/18/12 (Pictures Included!)

Hello guys! So i didn't get to do a "Monday Catchup" sorry yall, I took a lil break from blogging. The weekend was very restful & lazy. Which when looking back I think we needed. Honestly during the week our rest & sleep pattern is very broken, so weekend's we tend to "catch up" on missed sleep & what not.

We went to Broody Winery in Hydes , Md on Monday the day of our anniversary. It was beautiful! We had a private tour & tasting & we also got 2 free wine glasses which I was excited about ( we don't have wine glasses yet) The weather was beautiful  & the wine was Delicious!  With the Private tour We could have a lil picnic so I made some sandwiches & fruit & we bought a bottle of tasty summer wine called Jazzberry ( highly recommend) & we sat out & had a wonderful lunch together! We talked about how we would love to have a wedding at  a vineyard since the atmoshpere is so us, but unfortunately Broody winery does not do weddings which we was kinda bummed about since we liked the area! We then grabbed another bottle to take home.

I made pot roast for dinner which turned out YUMMY! & then we just relaxed for the rest of the day, which was fine since we got home early like around 2pm & it was getting hotter.  Now we are spoiled with being with each other & Mr. is used to me being home at nite.  Oh well back to reality! Enjoy the picture show above!


July 13, 2012

Friday Letters 7/13/12


Dear week; Thank you for finally going by so We can get to our anniversary weekend together.
Dear best friend: Congrats on your new marriage, I know we always said we will be at each others wedding & since that didn't happen, Iam so incredibly happy & proud of you! I wish you many years of blessings!
Dear Cousin: I am  so glad that we are finally getting to text and stay in contact, We have missed so much of each others life, I cant wait to learn the woman you have become.
Dear Blogs: You have made me realize that in order for my dreams to come true, I have to do them myself, thank you for helping to make that happen.To my blog The Krave - thanks to the readers & artist that I featured. yall rock!
Dear Mr: I cant wait for this weekend, I hope we have a great time celebrating this time we have together.
Dear Self: I know your waiting for a lil something special this weekend, but keep reminding yourself ITS COMING! and when its the right time, it will be oh so sweet!

Have a great weekend!


July 9, 2012

Monday Catch-up 7/9/12

So this weekend was full of Birthdays of course I wasn't back home to celebrate with the loved ones It was still full of them . Saturday i had grocery delivered and the Mr. brought home lunch. The rest of Saturday was just resting.

On Sunday Mr. surprised me with a day trip to Virginia to this place where you can go on a little safari with your car. It was pretty amazeballs but Mr. was in in heaven! I just know he had to be like a hunter or some type of lion or something in his past life. haha . He was like a little kid but it was wonderful.  Of course I took video & pics & you can join our fun in the video below!

We ended the day like we do with most of our day trips , Dinner & Wine! We came back just in time because another storm was coming. I didn't  get to go to the farmers market for my veggies & get some more meat from the store but I'm glad i stayed in we enjoyed the rest of the nite.

This morning I got up early while he was getting ready & went to the store, I got the meat I needed for some meals this week & got some donuts & OJ.

I also had my morning cut out for me, I have to get the house back together from the weekend & finish our laundry, bathroom needs to be clean, dishes, & cook the meat for tonites dinner TACO SALAD! I cant wait!  Good news is as I'm typing I'm bout halfway done, then workout & shower then a little of pampering myself!


July 5, 2012


Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your holiday. The Mr. & I just rested for the day. I still have to work so I got some rest.

I have been really working on my eating habits as well, although I did have Burger King for dinner last nite ( minor slip up) Our wonderful stove decided that it doesn't ant to work anymore so now I have to switch my cooking to early in  the day since I have to use the stove upstairs that belongs to out landlady, which i will use when she is working.  Hopefully she can get the stove working soon, i like cooking in my own kitchen.

Its pay week so I have to pay bills & go food shopping, I have to order groceries from Peapod, I love Peapod! I love the fact I can order my groceries online & the next day its delivered fresh! better than the store!  It just save me alot of time, I can order my bulk of grocery & then just go to the farmer market on the weekend.


Today it will be back to doing housework & working out. I made meal plan for the next 2 weeks which honestly is easier & helpful when it comes to shopping & cooking because I know exactly what to get  & what I'm cooking. Im learning! It should definite help when I start school in Late August, I will have alot to juggle, school,work,taking care of house & Mr. so I will be looking for a system come that time.

If you want to learn more about My HealthyYOU journey go HERE


July 1, 2012


Happy July ppl! Sadly its not a nice beginning for many of us here on the East coast sates - Maryland, Virginia states & D.C Are in a state of emergency. A storm Friday night has caused no power to just about everyone. Gad and food shortages, cellphones not working properly. Many counties like mine are on water advisory.  I ask that you guys say a lil prayer for us here.

My Friday nite at work was busy for the fact we had no power, I also work at a nursing home so we had to be extra careful.  I have to say we at our home & neighborhood are blessed, our power cords are buried underground so the storm didn't affect our power. I am so thankful.

My In- Laws have no power & are elderly so we have been checking on them frequently & I also made them some spaghetti so they can have something to eat , since they cant cook. We have just been resting & waiting it out. We consider ourselves Blessed for being able to have power, & AC since the weather has been very hot around here.

Just pray that we can pull it together & that we as states get the help we need....