May 9, 2013

5/9/13 ( You know its coming... but dont know when)

 How are you? I am well.  You know sometimes you start seeing things.. little websites up on the screen, questions about your ring size.. etc.. I mean this topic has come up often, & its something that is wanted badly by both, so I am not surprised at these little things but a girl wonders.. ( " I know he is looking, I wonder when? has he talked & gotten my mothers blessing yet?", who else knows?) I am not just trying to think when I really want it to be a surprise..  I don't know..  I don't ask or push about it either.. because this moment, this time of preparing is up to him. He is the Head of the relationship & When he feels our relationship is ready for that move then it will happen. I don't want this beautiful season in our lives to start on him being rushed & pushed ( his family is already doing that) I want it to be all him.. All Us. ..I just know its coming.. I have a feeling soon...  but soon could be like 1 week to the next 10 months,..  All I know.. something in my heart has been telling me it will happen this year, before the big move.

Oh you girls... ya know.. I just had to tell someone... Thanks for listening..


  1. I sincerely hope it happens for you soon! I know that waiting can be dreadful but I admire that you are not pressuring him and pushing him. I have seen that happen so many times and it ends in tears. Good luck to you! I cant wait to read the "OMG HE PROPOSED" post ;)

    1. awaw thanks! Yes I dont believe in pushing for something that is wanted by both parties. Its just not the same when done on those intentions & I cant wait to write that post!


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