January 26, 2013

1/26/13 ( One busy woman)

You know last semester I was full time in school, My work load was manageable yet I didn't think it was heavy. This semester though I spend hours day & night doing assignments, looking up articles, summarizing, etc.  I wrote down all my assignments last week & I was like "Dang! I have alot of work!"

Not to mention while studying I have to make sure my house is order, cleaning, laundry i also have a guy to take care of , cooking, etc.  Its a juggle but I know some ppl have children to add on top so I really count my blessings.  This week the Mr. has been off work which has been nice, he has been helping to straighten up the house & we even ordered out for dinner a few times which was nice, I got the nite off from cooking thus more time to study & do my work. 

I find that Im attempting to find a proper schedule that works for me concerning everything, At nite I try to do homework but Ill be tired so i try to just do things that will keep me awake.  When I get home I start doing work & then I need to sleep for a few hours because Im so tired. I have realized that if I go to sleep once I get home for a couple of hours I wake u & I am more energized & ready to do school.  its a process but I am really determined to get good grades this semester.. 

January 23, 2013

Just in Case You didnt know.....( For all who feel unloved)

If someone hasn't told you today or ever or if you feel like your the most ugliest thing in the world , Im here to tell you different. I dont know you, I may never will but because your here & reading my blog, desde mi corazón a tu corazón ( from my heart to your heart) Your BEAUTIFUL, Your AMAZING, Your LOVED , Your LIFE is worth SOMETHING, YOU are a BLESSING to the WORLD....& if you didnt know..... I Love You......

Enjoy your Day... Enjoy your life...
If you ever need a friend, someone to just listen.. Im here... so is Jesus Christ.... but in case you dont feel comfortable going to him... you can always hit me up... Honest... Girls Scouts Honor... :)

January 22, 2013

1/21/13 ( Take a day & recharge)

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? I hope your weekend was good. Ours was well. We just relaxed, well he did more so then me. I went food shopping straight after work on Saturday spent a whole bunch of money on food, went home, slept for a few hours then went into homework.
On Sunday I woke up early  & went to Target to stock up on cleaning supplies & things for the house, spent a whole bunch of money there... I swear.. Its a good thing I only stock up like every few months on house things..

After that I went back to homework finished up the weeks work. I was done around after 8 & I was just straight exhausted mentally. I went to sleep so fast!

Monday I woke up with a feeling of things all anew.. Like I had all new things in my house & I couldn't wait to use them all. I didn't do no school work or blogging on Monday, it was wonderful! I needed to take a day, recharge & rest. I have been blogging so much at my Beauty blog, corresponding with sponsors, taking picks, testing products & working so hard on school. We all need to take a day & recharge. Let our minds rest, sip some tea, so when we hit the road running we will be ready!

So now I'm off to hit the books again..... TTYL!

January 16, 2013

1/15/13 (Thankful for my past)

The past is the past for a reason,it helps shape your future & who you are. Our pasts are not always the greatest i had some dark moments & I also had some bright moments.  But you know what? I m glad I went through all the dark & bright moments... Because the person that I have become is pretty darn awsome!

Sometimes I feel like I haven't done much in my life, then I have to really to look at what ALL I really did in my life. I have done some amazing things & met some kick ass ppl.  I have went to places that I dreamed of going.  I found a love that I never thought in real life I could have.

The past doesn't make our future, it helps shape us... That is something I have had to learn but at the same time I never let shape my suture or "make" me into anything I dont want to be ... Ive been in a domestic violence situation, I still have some side effects from that time but it doesn't mean I wont ever trust another man again.  I do.. I refuse to let that fear rule over me. My father chose to be absent from me for most of my life, yet i refuse to let him, or that take rule.Now he has chosen to make amends & I will give him that last chance. I know the type of person I am, I credit my life literally to my God.  All the good, All the bad...

I feel as though ppl use their past as a excuse for all that is going wrong in their life. The fact is you need to take control & take responsibility for whats is going wrong  in your life & fix it! The past is OVER & DONE WITH.... You control your future..... Plain & Simple..

I am thankful for all the ppl, even the ones I had issues with... I pray you all are blessed. Thank you for impacting my life & making the person I am today...  After all, if some of those things never happened I would have never have the life Im living now.. & my life is pretty blessed...

Be Blessed everyone!

January 11, 2013

Friday Letters: 1/11/13

Dear Mr: I am so proud of you & happy for you on your job! Your doing so well in training, God truly blessed you in your job, for the fact 2 weeks after you got it, your old dept let everyone go.  A blessing!
Dear Money: Please arrive in my bank account this morning, I would love to take my Mr. out to dinner this weekend to celebrate his new job.
Dear School: We have already started rolling... I am determined to do even better in school this semester..  I am also happy my books shipped & my book that was back ordered will be here on Monday when class starts. Here we go.
Dear Mommy: You all are moving today leaving our home of Michigan to Texas.. I am sad, even though im not moving..  but I know its better for you all. I hope to see you all soon.

Have a Great weekend yall & dont forget to check here I am now doing a Free Blogger swap!

January 9, 2013

Im just trying to understand Women ..Where is Modesty?

I mean, I just dont understand....
This is going to be a blunt post, Im going to be real, Heck I always try to keep it real...

I hear women rant & rave how they are tired, get tired of men looking at them like sexual objects & all this crap, they have respect for themselves. yet your dress  showing off private parts of your body, you dance very sexually & so forth.

I watched a video on Youtube on 2 women called the Twerk team or something like that. They basically make money shaking their ass, yes I said it. You see that's all they do. It makes me think.

Is that ALL you can really do well? IS that the only thing that can make you money?

Granted they are branching out & doing other projects, & dont get me wrong, i don't knock anyone's hustle of making a living. Yet it does bother me when women overly sexify themselves to make money. To me it looks like you have no respect for your body.  Period. I dont care how you look at it.

Where did Modesty go? Why is showing ALL of our body such a power trip?

Women why do you get mad when men look at you in a total sexual way, as sex objects when you knowingly show your ass & dress or very little dress?

Believe it or not the way you ACT & DRESS really reflects the way you feel about yourself & how you want to be treated.

To me its sad... Women have NO respect for themselves anymore.
For me, Its hard for me to respect women like that.

Of course im not talking about every woman out there, we are all not the same.  Please dont take offense & if your choose to not follow this blog anymore that is fine as well.

Ill stop now...

January 8, 2013

1/7/13 (Late Monday Catch-up)

hello yall, Sorry this post is late, I have been busy with working with a couple sponsors for my beauty blog.. Such a business woman, lol  I am so happy these companies are choosing to work with me,

This weekend was nice, We relaxed & of course we started our fast, Thank you to all who have commented & showed your support. It has been going well.  We have been doing only 1 meal a day. I don't want to eat & just drink water but my blood sugar tends to get low  , so Ive have allowed myself to eat at least one meal a day or snack on fruits or something. If I feel I can go without then I do. of course Mr. rather me eat. lol

Sunday he woke me up & stated we were going to church, which I was excited about. We had a great service which was filled with lots of prayer & praise.

This week Im just waiting for my textbooks to arrive since school starts next week on Monday.
I also started to take down my Holiday deco.

Mr. started his training this week at his new position, its seems to be going well. I told him I plan on taking him out to dinner hopefully this weekend to celebrate his new job.

How was your weekend?

January 3, 2013

21 Day Fast.... Do I have the Strength?

So last Sunday at service our church announced that they were having a 21 day fast in honor of the New Year & to get a closer bond with God . I wanted to do this fast because there are some big things going to happen this year with my family & I. I just feel called to do this.

I actually didn't tell Mr. I was doing it till this morning & when I did he was excited & said he would do it with me.  We are just deciding on which fasting plan we should do & what fits best with our needs, of course we are going to do separate plans. I am glad we are doing this together & I am actually excited.

I think I will try to blog & possibly vlog about our fasting journey or at least mine. I know it will be hard but I am looking forward to this journey & being closer with my God.  Have a good day! Fasting for us starts at Midnight!

January 2, 2013

1/1/13 (Getting my Feet Planted)

So in a matter of a week & a half, School will be starting up again.  So I'm in the process of getting school supplies back together & getting my head in the game to be a study machine.  I am also really thinking & getting my head into the idea of doing a 21 day fast that my church is having.

At last Sunday's service I was really motivated & I felt called to do this fast. My issue is i know my will power & I'm afraid that I wont last. I also have to make sure my sugar doesn't drop during the fast, I don't have Diabetes but I have been told I have Mild Hypoglycemia, so sometimes my blood sugar drops & I get real shaky & confused. It happened this past Saturday & freaked Mr. out pretty bad.

I feel I could really use this time to concrete on my God , I have some big things to pray over.

I just have many BIG things going on & I really want to do them right. Thus I'm getting my "feet planted" to I can be ready...

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January 1, 2013

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Hey everyone! Happy 2013!

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