September 22, 2012

9/22/12 ( Obstacles & triumphs with Online school)

So it has been about about 4 -5 weeks since I have started my online classes. I thought I would blog about my Obstacles & triumphs so ffar with online schooling, I actually have been getting alot of questions about it & just had a convo with a coworker about classes.

A. Why Online school? - First off its so much more convenient! We only have 1 car right now & Mr. has the car during the day fro work . I would like to stay home to take care of the house. My campus is a while away. It just all works out for me in the end.

  • Working at night- i work at night which is great because I can easily do my class work yet most nites I just want to blog & watch movies to stay up & I become sleepy & reading just makes it worse!
  • Sleepy during the Day: Most days so far when I get home I just want to sleep because I am tired, I then get sidetracked by sleep & then doing stuff around the house.
  • Weekends: I have to work on getting out of the mind state of "Ill do it on the weekend" because in reality I don't want to do it on the weekend!
  • Putting aside time & prioritizing; I am still working on this! oh the joy of studying,
  •  I have a full week to do my work , except the main discussion posting that are due during the week.
  • Working alone: I like working alone , I feel I do my best work this way, mostly I am able to work alone, except a study group in one class which I hate that we have them, I want to be able to just do my work & be done! haha
  • works with my schedule: I don't have a set schedule for classes which is amaze.
So tell me , have any of you taken online classes? What are your thoughts about it?


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  1. My mom had the same problems when she was taking classes online a few years ago. She also works nights, but was so busy during the day and weekends doing other stuff that she bearly had time to do the homework and posting assignments. I also had a friend who worked nights and he was going to school on campus, which was much worse than taking classes online! But I think in general online classes are the best way to go if you work, especially full time.


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