December 29, 2012

12/29/12 ( The date is set, its happening.. The BIG move)

So I don't know if I ever mentioned anything to you guys, but there has been something brewing here.... something stewing.... A little plan in our heads that has been laying doormat but is now rearing its head.....

This will be our new home come next Holiday 2013

December 27, 2012

12/27/12 ( Well Hello to You too!)

HELLO!!!!! How was your Holiday? I've been chilling on blogging & store business this week, as you know, you need to take time & chill.

So here is a recap of the past week.

  • I wasn't able to make it home for Holiday, which was pretty sad , my mother is moving soon to Texas, so this was our last Holiday with all of our family before the move.
  • My little sister's Quince was this week! On Saturday, her Sweet 15! Its a big thing in our culture.. I am so proud of her.
                                        My sister with her Padrino ( God Father)


December 23, 2012

12/23/12 ( There are some things you just cant do as a Couple)

Hey guys, so this is a post of realization. Realization that you cant do everything as a couple. there are just some things, that although simple, you just cant do as a couple.

Ours in Grocery Shopping... Yep .... just doesn't work for us....

Mr: He likes to go in & basically rush & grab stuff on the list. Not always looking at deals & price.

Me: I like to take my time, I have a list, I don't list everything because some things I just know I'm getting. My list is more to remind me to get certain things, I shop on deals & compare the best price. I just don't like rushing in anything I do...

One thing we have in common is that we both like shopping in the early morning or late at night when the store is stocked & empty.

This morning we went shopping, I always ask him to go with me & this time he did. After 5 mins in the store he was rushing & like "c'mon, lets go" yep we ended up exchanging words, I hate being rushed , I don't care who you are, dont rush me.  Needless to say after the trip we were erked at each other. I ended up NOT getting some things I wanted because of being rushed.  It was great getting help with the groceries.. but next time..... he will stay home & wont say anything... lmbo!

We have been laughing it off all day because of course we didn't take anything to heart... we just do things differently that's all & that's okay, as a couple there are differences, that's what makes the relationship. It would be boring if everything was the same.  I appreciate the difference.

Of course we can shop the Farmers market together just not the grocery store... hahahaha

At the end of the day I'm glad he came... my big strong Mr. to carry all the bags & do the heavy lifting... lol... Besides its just food shopping it wont be the end of the world... ;)

Have a great Holiday!

December 18, 2012

12/17/12 ( Congrats to the Mr.!)

So let me just Say I am so happy & proud of the Mr. Congrats is in order! Mr. Got a new job! Whooo! we have been praying & hoping on this for a while... I am so glad it finally happened.  I know he will do great!. He was actually offered a better position then the one he originally interviewed for! How awsome is that? He starts next month & I couldn't be more proud of him...

Congrats Honey!

December 14, 2012

Those children are with God......12/14/12 (RIP Newton)

I am not a parent yet I pray that one day I will be . I do have young sisters, I do have 6 God daughters who are young, around of the ages of the 20 children that were murdered. I say murder because that's what they were, Killed for NO reason. Watching the news, the pics, has me crying. Are our children safe anywhere?! We send them to school for a education not to get killed.

This makes me want to try even more to make it so I can be a housewife & honestly home school my children. Granted we are not technically safe anywhere, but I mean c'mon. I pray to Jehovah Jireh that I NEVER have to get a call, or go through the loss of my child . I cant imagine getting a call saying there was a shooting at my children's school.

Those of you that read my blog should know my family & I have a strong faith in God, I know those children are with God now, which is the safest place for them. I pray & know he is comforting those who are suffering as I also pray they go to Him.

Rest In Peace to all 26 children & adults who were foolishly murdered by someone who needed God. I pray for the shooters family as well, they are dealing with a loss & the truth of what their son did.

I also applaud our President Obama, who spoke to our Nation not as a Politician, President, etc but as a FATHER . He spoke to us as a FATHER who feels this loss with us as a Nation, with that he earns more of my Respect.

Hug your children tighter, love more deeply, let them know you love them & be thankful you have them, because their are 20 families that no longer have children to do that. Instead of planning Christmas presents & dinners, 26 families are now planning funerals.

You ALL reading this, my enemies, my friends & families.... I always pray , will pray for you tonite. May you NEVER experience this loss. Parents should NEVER have to bury their child.


December 12, 2012

12/11/12 ( What Jerk would do such a thing)

I know our world is not perfect, I know that danger can come to us anytime, anywhere. Yet It saddens me when the dangerous part of the world touches my world.  Yesterday I got a disturbing text from Mr. after 4pm. It said that my father in law was robbed at gunpoint & my mother in law was at the police station. I then got another word from him saying that my father in law was beaten over the head with the robbers gun.

My father in law ( Mr.'s Father ) is about 72 yrs old, he is a cab driver, yet besides that he is a Senior Citizen! This isn't the first time a family member of mine was robbed. My father about 4-5 yrs ago was robbed at gunpoint by a guy who was suppose to be a friend of mine.  When I heard of this news  about my father in law I was saddened, worried, upset, crying... We didn't know how bad the injury was , so during that time of "not knowing" of course you think of all these things, adding on top he is a senior citizen, me being in the medical field I know even small injuries can be bad for Seniors.

December 10, 2012

Monday Catchup- 12/10/12 ( Micheal Kors & Sephora)

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty cool, I got lots of rest which I so needed.

The Mr. gave me my Christmas gifts early... which is totally fine... I knew he couldn't wait.. lol Besides I am loving playing & using my gifts all month long!

I got some computer stuff & he got me a Limited edition HUGE makeup palette set by Sephora
( he knows his woman doesn't he?) & he also got me a Micheal Kors watch... Its so funny, I wanted a watch but I always told myself I would want a Micheal Kors watch because I love the styles & they are beautiful yet expensive.. haha I am so spoiled by him...  I always tell him, you know exactly what my style is.. I didn't even tell him what kind of watch I wanted. We're connected.. I know.. *smile* I am so blessed to have him & I just don't mean because of the things I get from him.. I mean because of all he does.. I don't ever ask for anything from him.. After all, this man provides my shelter, make sure im protected, make sure  have food, clothing, all the basics I need. so this fancy stuff is just extra.

December 7, 2012

Coffee Talk #13

So instead of doing a Friday Letter I thought I would do a Coffee talk... I seen the topic for this week & I thought "why not!" feel free to do this as well, would love to read your posts! So here it is enjoy!

1. How did you meet your partner?
We actually met at work! He was the security guard for the night shift & I was the Night receptionist, I met him m first night back at work from coming back from Florida! Of course he left the job a month later, & got a better job.

2. How did you feel about your partner when you first met them?
Then very first thing that caught my attention was his British accent! Then when I looked up I seen him in his uniform, he wore it so sharp & to the T, compare to the others who just threw their uniforms on. When I seen him I was like " who is this? I need to know him!"

3. Where was your first date taken place?
Actually our first date was the morning after work! we talked all night at work & was hooked! We went to breakfast at IHop & then he took me to a horse riding farm to look & pet the horses & to a butterfly garden.. It was wonderful & was like a giddy little girl.

4. Where do you see y'all in 5 years?
MARRIED!, living in Colorado & God willing a child either here or on the way, Him in school or finishing & me finished with school & running my business full time. 

5. Show a picture of you and your partner! 
This is from our Anniversary this summer, I booked a private tour of  Broody Winery, We had a picnic there & sipped wine.. ( one of our fave past times)

December 5, 2012

12/4/12 ( My happy BIG kid!)

Hello!  So I gave my  Mr. his Christmas  gift early .. I knew when I  bought the gift  that I wasn't going to wait till Christmas... Its just me... When  I know the gift I bought someone will be loved & I cant wait to give it to them.. Besides Mr. Gave me my Birthday gift early... lol  It what we do,,

I bought him a Samsung Galaxy 2 Tablet, I have the first Samsung Tablet & I had the feeling that he would like one of his own.... He was so surprised of the gift He had no idea what was coming... check out the pics! ( He might kill me for putting up these pics... oh well haha Love You!)

December 4, 2012

LATE Monday Catch-up: 12/3/12 (Shopping & Me time)

 How was your weekend? Mine was good. even though I was super exhausted on Saturday. I went to the mall & got my nails done, I so needed to pamper myself. It was great to get away & not do food shopping or something... But of course I did stop at Target to grab a few things, you can read that later on . I also dyed my hair this weekend! I was so tired of my highlights, they were starting to look so tacky.... I got a deep red Burgundy color & now the highlights are still highlights but now a beautiful reddish color... I love my new color.

I decorated my little home over a week ago, my mother gave me some Christmas deco that she used to use  so that I can decorate our home. It wasn't much but at least the home has a "Holiday Feel" I just cant wait  to get a tree then Ill be really happy!  Enjoy the pics! Have you draped your home in deco yet?