February 28, 2013

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February 22, 2013

2/22/2013 ( SO its a OFF week)

Some times you just have one of those days or weeks that is just so off, your off on everything. you just dont care, your tired & everything gets pushed to the side. Yea I am having one of those weeks.
I am getting my school SLOWLY done, some of it I just don't care... ugh... I hate just doing school this week. I am so tired! I'm just not getting enough sleep... PLUS i am in pain..

If you follow me on twitter you know that Monday I started a new workout, well it kicked my butt & my thighs became extremely sore...like so sore I can barely walk, hurts to touch, I HATE STAIRS ( so painful) I swear you don't realize how much you use a part of your body or realize what muscles you really use until you really cant use them.. we use our thigh muscles for so much!

So I've been doing Yoga stretching because I want to get some type of workout in, I mean I can barely walk how the heck can I workout? it feels good to stretch but so painful, I've been soaking in Epsom salt.. & resting.. My walking has become a little more fluid which is good & going to "sit down " & "Sit up" is a little less painful.  But hey "No pain , no gain" I guess although I'm not feeling that right now. But once I feel better I will be getting back to the workout.

I also ordered & got in my Nigerian Waist beads.. I was so excited to get them.. I found out the they are kind of big in the Nigerian  Yoruba  culture, which is exactly what Mr. is.  They have a wonderful meaning, ill do a post later.. Mr. was very excited to find out that I wanted to wear them..

I also got his Birthday gift in too , his Birthday is March 3rd & of course he will probably be getting it early... lol...  but i am excited to give it to him.. Ill be planning on what to do for him soon.

Anyway.. Ill go... Im tired, im typing this at work & I need to actually do work.. lol TTYL

February 19, 2013

2/19/13 ( You cooked it HOW?)

Hello all! I know its been a minute since I wrote... Ive been grinding away at school, as many of you know...

Anyway for the past several months I have been slowly changing our food.. like incorporating fresh veggies ( we love veggies anyway)  making daily Green Juice for us to drink. & Changing how I cook some foods.

It was so funny because one day I made pork chops for Mr.  He likes them Pan fried but all I do is broil them in the oven, I get the same result & he loves it. Well he didn't know until I mentioned it, when he found out he said " you mean to tell me you have been cooking my pork chops in a healthy way?" I said "yup"  he said " NO! I want the fatty way!, but then again they were pretty good, so go ahead & keep on" LMAO!

Ive also been switching up my cooking oil... we use canola oil which is okay but since I learned of the great healthy benefits of cooking with coconut oil & have been using that for cooking.. Again he was like " look , you cant be switching up cooking techniques on me" haha Im all like If you cant tell the difference what the problem!

Of course he doesn't have an issue, at the end of the day Mr. just likes to come home to a hot meal to eat.. & he eats whatever... lol Yes its also easier that we both like healthy foods.. I figure we ease onto healthier food changes & in the end it be better for us..  ya know? Ive also feel in love with Whole Foods as you may know, I just feel the quality of meat, veggie & fruit is better than reg stores. I don't mind paying a little more for better quality & healthier options to feed our little family ( yes him & I are a little family)

So what do you guys do? Do you try to make healthy choices for your family?

February 16, 2013

2/16/13 ( I know.... & New Products in Shop!.)

So how is everyone?, I know its been a min since I blogged here... I've just been busy & grinding at school the past few weeks, & now that we are in the last weeks of the semester my wonderful professors are piling on projects like nobody business! I have been blogging over at CurlyGirlBeauty,  mainly because I have commitments with company's & such. #LifeOfABeautyBlogger
Anyway..besides that I introduced 2 new products to my shop! I am so excited. Sugar Lip scrubs &   Whipped Shea body butter . My Shea body butter is  100% natural made with unrefined Shea butter, Grape seed, Sweet Almond, coconut & Avocado oils, whipped up to LOVE your skin & even hair!

My Sugar lippy scrub is made with a mango butter base with added Olive oil, this lip scrub not only sloughs away dead skin but also leaves a moisturizing "lip balm" feeling on your lips after so they are never dry! Available in Grapefruit & Peppermint.

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February 1, 2013

1/31/13 ( when you needed us we were there)

You know it's funny, You can be there for some people when they needed you, in an emergency, your not  close with the person but because they needed you , you were there. Then when you need them , they are not there. its too much of like a "chore" for them.

Ugh... Let me explain. I'm not upset, I'm more like disappointed & bothered..
Tonite we had an emergency... I needed a ride to go get Mr. & our car, we asked  our land lord which we rent from ( live in the same house) to give me a ride, we even offered her a full tank of gas for her troubles, she didn't show no emotion, she didn't say "I'm sorry" or "I'm sorry I cant help" she just said " well, I'm already in my pajamas... sooooo" Like she was acting like she was laying in bed or something bout to go to sleep. She was watching tv!

So here I had to spend money to take a cab ( spending money on a cab wasn't a issue for me, my main goal was getting to Mr. & bringing him home safe &  our car. )  to go get Mr., Now I'm thankful that we got everything straight  but here is the thing we discussed ( Mr. & I)  We were disappointed  she didn't bother to help or care to, it was just a ride.

After all some months back she called us 3 am in the morning, her back went out, me with my medical training, I went straight to her since she asked for help, I helped her get dress, we called 911, I packed a bag , rode in the ambulance with her, we stayed in the hospital with her ALL nite & most of day, we were tired, we wanted to go home but we & I refused to leave her alone in the hospital. Went home got rest, the next few days I visited her, got her car, picked her up from hospital, drove her to get meds, took her home & watched over her. ALL THIS!
Did I mention that we also willingly watch her dog, feed him, take him out, take better care of her dog on most days better than her & when we ask her for a ride & offer her gas for her trouble, we are just brushed off?!

I mean c'mon! The Mr. & i both agreed & said that now we see where we stand with her, more so me, Ive known her since I was 19, ( I'm 26 now) I was very disappointed. We agreed that its a sign that we really need to get everything together to move out of there, & get out of Maryland as well.  I'm ready to move...  We are just tired of this state for many reasons.

But my readers am I wrong for feeling this way? wouldn't you be like" seriously?" I was like " Oh damn for real?" Let me know your thoughts!

BTW I got a sweet new camera & I cant wait to use it!