June 27, 2012


Last nite was so frustrating for  me, I have been trying to excersie daily & eating better, I'm taking baby steps but I think im doing pretty ok. I am still switching my eating habits, im not perfect at it but hey  baby steps.

My workout today was just frustrating to put it nicely, my hips were kind of hurting while working out and mentally i just wasnt there, i wasnt in it. I was trying to pray & look to God for strentgh & discipline to continue but i just stopped.  I have to keep reminding myself I am a work in progress & that I need to stop having such high expections of myself with my new lifestyle.  "One day & thing at a time" I have to remind myself.

Changing your lifestyle is really mainly a mentality thing. I know once i have that down  the rest will be easier.  I have been trying to cut down my portions & making more "Clean Eating" recipes. I made Clean Eating Chicken Chili for dinner today which i know will be tasty! I also made fresh, All Natural, Organic Clean Eating Ice cream! It was simple- 2 bananas, 1 reg peach,1 white peach, handful of blurberries, handful of strawberries & 1/2 cup pf vanilla soy milk. of course you dont have to put all that in, the orginal recipe was just banana & strawberry but i had fun with it, also added some honey- YUM-O!

Any way the Mr. & I are taking a couple days off work for our upcoming annuversay, I would personally love to go away for the weekend but as long we can at least go to dinner im happy.

For the rest of the day I will rest & relax, my hip is bothering me so on to some  Burn Notice ( fave show ever) .


June 23, 2012


I don't know why but at times I feel bad for living the life I live. For being so blessed. I have love when some of my friends are having trouble finding it, asking "when is it going to be my time?"  I see people having relationship troubles I cant help but feel blessed because I am. I want others to be happy but when I try to comfort I'm sure they just look at me like " yea but ur happy"  I am and i refuse to apologize  for it. God felt this was my time to have love.  Don't you think im waiting too?

I wonder what I am suppose to be doing with my life, career wise, when will my season of marriage will come, when my season of motherhood will come. i wait too, just on different things. I have a feeling I may be going in the right direction but only God knows for sure.

I just want people to be blessed as I, yes i have to understand that we all get different blessings & at different times. God knows the perfect timing of all things, and they will happen when HE wants them to happen . When you think  you have waited long enough, He thinks you need to wait longer.  So wait..


He Who You Dont See..

This poem is taken from a book that I am writing..

He who you don’t see...
Sees you in all that you do….
He who you don’t see…
Gives you faith when it’s low….
He who you don’t see…
 Believes when you don’t….
He who you don’t see……
Provides  when you can’t provide for yourself….
He who you don’t see….
Hugs you when you’re alone…
He who you don’t see…
Loves you when no one else does….
He who you don’t see…
Is the creator of all things….
He who you don’t see…
Makes you fall to your knees….
Praise him……..

                                                                              Santana S.C Vitales

Based on Faith……

June 22, 2012

Friday's Letters 6/22/12


Dear Sister: I cant believe your 12 now! Blows my mind.
Dear Sisters: Im sorry the plans didn't work out for us to come get yall , but don't worry, we are gonna get yall down her in August.
Dear Mr.: Thank you so much for my beautiful roses that you bought me "just because" you always find ways to make me feel special & appreciated & thank you for sacrificing your sleep last nite to stay at work with me for a while because I was very uneasy after that creepy phone call. I love you.
Dear Body: Yay! We are getting back on track with our workout schedule. I know your sore & exhausted thus im giving you today off, but tomorrow im working you out!
Dear momma: I am thankful to God you got to Texas safely, enjoy your first ever ladies trip & I pray God leads you to if that is where our family should be. 
Dear Bloggies: Thank you again for reading my posts, Hugs!

Whats your Friday Letter?.....leave links below!

June 20, 2012

6/20/12 ( A Birthday Post)

mi hermana,
Today is your birthday, 12 years old. In a few more years you will be a young woman . To this day it amazes me how some years ago, I seen you in mommy's tummy. When you were a baby I was the only one who could put you to sleep, I would wake up in the middle of the nite, place  you on my chest and just hold you till you fell asleep.

At times I feel as though you & sister are my daughters, I guess since I am the oldest & I was 12 when she was born & 13/14 when you were born.  I helped raised you for some years then I left. I'm sorry I left but I hope you understand it was my time to leave. I pray that I get to see you this summer. I miss you guys so much. I pray that you new year of life gives you many blessings.

You have become so beautiful inside & out. I know my future babies will have a great tía in you.  Continue trusting God & allow him to guide you , follow his will.
Te amo mi hermana pequeña, puede tener un cumpleaños bendecido (I love you my little sister, may you have a blessed birthday)


June 15, 2012

Friday's Letters - 6/15/12

This is my Friday's letters, I have been seeing it on so many blogs that I read & it started with Adventures of Newlyweds.com ( click button)  so I have decided to do one too!

Dear God- Thank you for everyday, for making me feel better after Sunday & I am going to try to put more effort into reading your word everyday.

Dear Mr.- Thank you so much for working hard everyday, for waking up earlier then usual even when tired & working hard to support us, for taking care of me on Sunday & staying home with me on Monday. Thank you for our new pots & pans from Wolfgang Puck, I NEVER had NEW pots & pans before, you just don't know how much having them means to me.

Dear Big Sister- I talk to you every day & I love you, I cant wait till our next skype session.

Dear Mommy- mi señora mexicana poco ( my little Mexican lady) I love you mama, I miss you & hope you feel better. te quiero

Dear Job- although I am grateful for you, some days you truly drive me bonkers! You gave me a crazy Friday morning & I wish our department was better.

Dear Self- SUCK IT UP! You need to get on a regular schedule with working out, & look for more clean eating recipes.

Dear Bloggy loves- Thank you to my new followers & all followers, nice to know SOMEONE is reading my life out there.


June 13, 2012


So today I am feeling much better, although my stomach doesn't "feel" back to normal but at least I can keep food down. I worked out  a lil yesterday but the Mr. didn't want me to , for the fact I needed to rest, he was right.

This morning I decided to go walking , our home is right next to 2 different walking/biking trails. I have been walking on one trail right next to the house but Ive been wanting to try the other one. I decided that walking was less strenuous than my Zumba workout while trying to get fully better & it was beautiful. I am so glad I went walking!


June 11, 2012


Its the summer & the summer is all about fun . I chose to start off this summer with a new hairdo! Its been a long time ( more like 3 years) since my last cut. I have curly hair & I found a "Curly Hair"  salon & totally gave myself a new look,  ( read about me & my curly locks HERE)

 I was having a good weekend until fro some reason my body decided it wanted to be sick. Sunday I ended up throwing up any food I ate. I am feeling better today ( well if you mean not throwing up) my stomach still feels uneasy, but I am just keeping busy. The Mr. took today off to watch over me & rest.

What about you? Have you or are changing anything about yourself to get ready for the summer?


June 6, 2012


Sometimes you can want things & they are just not meant for you to have either at that moment or ever.

That is how Iam starting to feel about school. I wanted to go back this summer but the school I have chosen to attend seems to just be a bone head on things. Getting information that I need is like pulling out teeth. I could call 5 times & ask for the same info & wont get anything I need until the 5th call.

I called today to see about my financial aid, (without this, I cant go to school)  I finally was told that I actually have to enroll for classes for the summer, then the school will award me, BUT if I am not awarded anything then I have to pay for the classes (seriously?). The next session starts in 2 weeks. I was happy that I was finally given info, because I was never told of this, but disappointed because I knew my schooling would be delayed again.

I would have preferred to start in the summer but it seems I think maybe that God may want me to wait till the fall. A class that I need to take wont be open till then as well. I just feel like I have delayed so much already after my graduation for medical assisting & I don't want to delay anymore, but what can you do? when you feel God is showing you signs that you need to wait a lil longer?

I don't have the money to pay for classes in 2 weeks, Ill tell you that, I refuse to get loans anymore since I am already paying on 2 now. I am just praying that this is God's will. I plan on studying Psych & communications.  So for now.... I will go to school in the fall, if God permits.

                                                   Love this picture, so true now a days ;)

Question: How do you feel when you sense that the plan you had is not really your plan?


June 4, 2012


Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I know I did! The Mr. & I had a wonderful time. I don't usually post pictures on here but I decided to post some to show y'all our weekend. Hope you enjoy.

Saturday: Mr. works half days on Saturdays, when he came home he surprised me with roses! I just love getting flowers. He also said that he wanted us to go to a berry farm to pick fresh berries. We didn't go that day though as I was super tired from work & the farm closes at 5. We just ended up going to a Nigerian/African grocery store where he picked up some items & made one of  his fave Nigerian meals.

Sunday: We woke up early & went out to the farm up in Thurmont,MD . We were disappointed to find out we couldn't pick berries or anything that the website said we could. It was just a small market that looked rather empty & sold mainly jams. I wouldn't recommend that one. We then went to another farm, which was an even bigger disappointment, It was closed & looked run down, This one also said it was open. We were very disappointed. Luckily I found a winery in the brochure we got & we decided to go to that one.