September 4, 2012

My Dream Project...

pssshhhh I have a secret.. I am working on a project that I have been wanting  for a long time....
Let me explain....

Ever since I was a little girl Ive wanted to have my own business. I even had a few attempts! haha When I was in high school and was introduced to makeup I wanted to have my own makeup company. Then came the world of blogging & then mark. which I love doing by the way & even though I am my own boss with with mark. deep down I craved to have something truly of my own.

I seen many ladies like me who made their own soaps,laundry powder, lip balms, makeup etc & I was enamored by it. I used to think I couldn't do it. I have been telling my Mr. that I want to do some craft & have my own business but of course something that I was passionate & loved. So I took the plunge..... I said " I can do this"

I have always wanted to make my beauty blog CurlyGirlBeauty a brand. Its what I am & what I love to do. I also love lip products. Its the most bought beauty item for me. So when it came to business making a great lip balm came easily! I wanted simple, great products that I know everyone uses , products that I use.  Thus CurlyGirlBeauty -Handmade Cosmetics was born.

What have I done so far?-
I have ordered some supplies to make my own lip balm & bath soaps. I have also worked on a simple logo as well. I have also begun building & working on  my store on Store envy. I choose to go with them instead of Etsy for the fact Store envy does not charge to host or anything unlike Etsy.

What's the plan so far?-
I plan on making a small batch of lip balms & bath soap. Then I will open  my store do like a soft opening of my store & sell that batch. To test it out & see how it goes. I also plan on giving a few products to a couple coworkers to let them have fun &  use them myself.

I ask that you lovely friends take this journey with me . Ill be doing another post soon showing some product. Let me know what yall think! Here is my simple logo below. Share your thoughts!



  1. Hey Santana!
    I think this is awesome! Good luck to you.. I'm looking forward to learn more about it. :)

    I found you on the GFC blog hop! New follower, whoop! :)

    Follow me @

  2. that's incredible! you're gonna do great!

    Have a fabulous day! Stop by and say hello! :)

  3. Great idea I love lip balm I'm down for trying it out and I'm sure I will be a consistent consumer. Yea stooge!


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