September 6, 2012

9/6/12 (New Bedding& more store news,supplies)

Its almost the weekend again! whoo! Wednesday was a busy day for me but a good one. I was so tired but I really wanted to go to Micheal's Craft Store to see about getting some more supplies for my store, I have already ordered some supplies but I admit Iam inpatient haha I also wanted to get some & make a few things to test out. I also went to Bed,Bath & Beyond where I got us some new bedding!

I got some Olive Oil & Goats Milk soap base (I also ordered Honey & Shea Butter base) I got some more molds & fragrance oils & some cute little bags & ribbons of my logo colors to package them in.  I will be making my first soap bar TODAY! I also got some extra things for my soaps to make them better like Sweet Almond Oil for more moisturizing & Apricot seeds for exfoliation.

When  went into Bed,Bath &Beyond I saw this bedding set which of course I fell in love with but of course I don't live by myself I live with a man so unfortunately I couldn't get this if I wanted to! but I took a picture because it was sooo cute & If still had my own room or place I would get this set! Don't you just love the "heart" pillow?

When I was at Bed&Bath I purchased a storage bin to put my store supplies in to keep them organized, The bin was only $7.00 & hey you know I like a deal! It has a pink top which is perfect! I also bought some plastic cutting boards to do my work on, measuring cup (so I wont use the one I have for cooking only) Rubbing Alcohol ( for layering soaps). Here you can see my supplies so far all in order waiting to be made into great body loving soaps for you guys!

This is our new bedding I bought for our bed! We have been wanting to get a bedding set for a while now, we also needed some new sheets. I saw 3 sets that I knew we would like ( our style is simple,classic,sexy) I BBM the pictures of the styles to Mr. while he was at work & he BBM the words "The second set |above| is sexy" I knew that was the one. The colors are masculine yet the style is simple, classic & the small pillow design give it a little feminine appeal. I have to remind myself that I myself is very girly & Mr. Is very masculine so I have to find home decor that brings both together.  I surprised him with the bedding & he loves it! It sure does make our home feel more like "home"

I also got a wall deco that says "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" I didn't take a picture though, I will once its hung up.  I love it though, Iam trying slowly to make our house feel more "homey"  & with our styles.

I cant wait to make some soap today! Iam hoping & thinking I might be able to open the store this month but it all depends on when I get all of my supplies & when I am able to make them. The lip balm supplies are on their way but my other soap supplies are not. In other good news I do have a list of  Flavors & fragrances of the soaps & lip balm I will open the store with. 

Now off to do some homework & get some assignments done! Enjoy!


  1. I am so guilty of ordering supplies and then getting impatient and running out and buying them as well-- usually though, I make pretty good use of it all in the end, usually. =)


    I'm late, I'm late, I know... but, I'm following ya now from the GFC hop. If you're up for a bit of a ride I'd love it if you'd join me at where we're riding the wave of life one little adventure at a time. And this week we're celebrating the opening of my new little shop with great big heart with a bunch of fun giveaways...


  2. I love it stooge...i need some help with decorating really bad thanks for the idea

  3. I didn't know you had a personal blog as well! I always get suckered into buy ing way more than I need whenever I go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond!

  4. I miss these stores! We don't really have anything like them here. Looks like you did pretty good in both stores :)

  5. It is definitely could have at least gotten that pillow and kept it on your side of the bed....sorta compromise ;)

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  6. I'm so excited about your new store! I'm a total lip balm junkie, so I will definitely be picking up a lip balm! :)

    I am in love with that girly bedding adorable! But yea...I also live with a guy so its a no go haha. I do really like the bedding you chose though, its very classy!


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