August 31, 2012

In The Silence - Junita Bynum

I fell in love with this song, so much feeling & truth. This is a true Soul Song.

Fridays Letters 8/31/12


Dear Week: What a wired week you have been. That is all I can say. You have been a mix of extreme emotions for me.
Dear Father: Thank you so much for what you did & our convo. It was a long time coming & I pray that  our relationship can get better. You dont know how much I need you & how much your future grandchildren will need you.
Dear Family & Friends: Thank you ALL for the Happy Birthday wishes & blessings. It really made me feel good. I wish you blessings back.  besos y abrazos ( Kisses & Hugs)
Dear Mr. : Thank You for my beautiful purple roses & yummy cake & for getting the landlady  & her kids to sing Happy Birthday to me.
Dear Mommy ( Mother in Law) : I pray that your family gets through this heartbreak  of your brother passing. I will be here for you.
Dear Followers: Enjoy your weekend!

August 27, 2012

Monday Catch-up: 8/27/12 Weekend homework sessions

Happy Monday ppls. So this weekend was just lazy like all these others except Saturday I finished up homework assignments & typed up a paper for school. So Sunday I was able to just rest  on Sunday and that consisted of just watching tv! haha I have been doing homework all week so it was nice to just have a day without thinking of homework and being lazy. I am proud of myself that I didn't wait to last miniature to do my assignments. I just took my time.

The first week of learning how online school works was slightly challenging , You have to make yourself go to school  & do the work. Log on the University website everyday & participate in the class discussions.
I do like the fact all my classwork is due Sundays by 11:59pm. except for one class where class discussions are due Wednesdays. It gives us a whole week to do our work which is nice because I am not rushing myself , I can take my time and last week I turned about all my work before the weekend.

This week is my Birthday , I am so excited , I hope to at least go to dinner I took the nite off too. So we shall see.  Dont forget to head over to CurlyGirlBeauty where I am hosting a quick giveaway today!

August 25, 2012

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"Mr. Simple" - Super Junior #Kpop

So I have discovered Kpop! Only like a few artists though. I have discovered this group called Super Junior. A handsome bunch of guys . They all can sing & the fashion that the Kpop artists wear is out of this world way better then American Fashion. I have been playing a few of the videos over & over again like crazy.
Enjoy, Peace

August 24, 2012

Fridays Letters: 8/24/12


Dear University: It has been a week! I have been getting to know how online classes work  & I think I am getting the hang of it.
Dear Workouts: Its now getting a little bit easier, although we still have a long way to go but at least Iam pushing myself more & I am actually looking forward to some workouts.
Dear Melanie; Thank you so much for the amazing work you did on my blogs! Its amazing what a fresh look can do for your blogging passion.
Dear new laptop : I am loving you so far! so glad you came thsi week.
Dear Homemade Laundry Soap: Who knew that I would start liking to do laundry! I am so happy that I bought some from Shar's Soapery & made a batch of my own.
Dear New followers: Thank you so much for  following! Hugs!

August 23, 2012

DIY Homemade Laundry Powder!

Hello! I am excited to share this post with you today, This past weekend I made my own homemade laundry powder! It was so easy & inexpensive for the long run! This will be 2 parts, today's post will be on how to make the laundry powder & the next post will be decorating the 2 gallon jug I bought to put the mixture in.  In total I spent $22.28 the ingredient's for the powder was $12.31. The laundry powder is enough for 120 loads!

Your clothes are going to be so clean & smell fresh! You will notice that your clothes feel "lighter" because you dont have all the chemicals that regular laundry detergents have. Not only will you feel better about washing your clothes for you & your family but this is great for people with sensitive skin & allergies to the stuff in regular laundry soap!

The one ingredient that may change depending on personal preference is the bar soap,  You can use Kirks Castile soap, Fels-Naptha,or Ivory Soap or any other natural soap you choose. I used Kirks Castile & Fels-Naptha which I added later.  You can also add Oxy clean too if you prefer.  The great thing is that  this makes enough for 120 loads & you only need 2 tablespoons! Its low-suds, works fine for HE washers & Top load washers.  Now for the pictures with Instructions... Have Fun!


August 22, 2012

8/22/12 ( New Laptop & school)

So I got my laptop in! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I am so happy, I love it, Its way nicer then my last. Now its all about learning it & files etc.  So happy that it came the first week of school.
Speaking of school, I started on Monday & I have been getting used to going to class online & checking myself to make sure I keep up on it . I have gotten some work done in all my classes,& today & tomorrow I plan on finishing my assigments in all, I would like to turn them in early if I can. The first 2 days were kind of daunting because It seemed like evrytime I logged into class there was a new assignment waiting that I didn't see before or etc.  Good news is It look like Im getting the hang of it.

The main trouble I have been having is with one of my textbooks for my psych class. The book is available online for free but the there is no page numbers so when your reading you just know your in chap 1 or 2, this is not good when your professor says only read PAGES 1-12, & since its online you just scroll down. So  the whole class including me has been having this issue & the professor is trying to help.  I actually just bout the book online so that I can download it to my kindle on my tablet, I am hoping that it will have page numbers then & that its easier to read then on my laptop.

Also this blog will be getting a makeover by my sweet friend & amazing blog designer Melanie ! Her design company is Adorability designs and she has designed all of my blogs ( book & beauty) except this one. She does great work & great prices. She always posts her latest work up on her website. Not to mention I love reading her beauty & personal blogs as well. So please if your looking for some blog work please hit up my girl , she even does headers & buttons if thats what you wish.
So anyway, I cant wait for the new look to be up its so totally CUTE! OH & the countdown for my bday has begun! Its now officially a week away! Next WEDNESDAY!


August 20, 2012

Monday Catch-up : 8/20/12

I hope every ones weekend was well! I did some major house & food shopping this weekend, I don't even want to think about the cost, oy! But anyway I did a fun project this weekend, I made my own homemade Laundry Powder soap! Ill be posting the tutorial in pictures sometime this week . It was so easy & I got so much product! About 120 loads!

Other then that the Mr. & I just enjoyed sometime together. We also tried to exchange the rental car we have , the ppl at a certain Enterprise location is just being stupid. I am so ready for us to get our car back!

So now its Monday & its back to getting the house together from the weekend & washing clothes, & also starting homework for my classes. This week should be interesting to see how I juggle it all!


August 16, 2012

8/16/12 ( burning a hole in my pocket!)

rolling in the money, rolling in the money.. ..... lalalalala ....

At least that's what it feels like! I got my refund from school in ( the bilk anyway) & I am so happy! OF COURSE Ive been online shopping like crazy, I swear I love the fact I can just about get anything online & just have it shipped to me even mu groceries! Of course I shop around & some products are just better getting at the store because of price difference & when I need the product.

Yes I have been going just a tad crazy but honestly some of the stuff I actually Do need, its more like half & half. I put in a order with mark. i badly needed samples, I have a couple customers waiting for their mark. packets, I have to go to Office Max  too for some shipping items. I bought the Mr. & I some new Tennis shoes, we both BADLY need new ones, we need new everything to be honest. Ive had my tennis shoes since 11th grade! mind you I graduated in 2004! Yep, I know, I'm not good with buying stuff like that for myself, Ive been on my own for all these years so that stuff takes a back seat & now when I'm working out my feet hurt.

I finally ordered my new LAPTOP! I am so excited! its so nice, I cant wait. Of course I will be trying to pay some bills & put some aside. Its a nice feeling knowing you have a little nest egg in the bank. I just placed another order this morning, but seriously I'm stopping. The next items I will be buying is food, & some stuff for the house.

Other then that I will be attempting to make my own powder laundry soap! We have been wanting to try this for a while & now I am going to do it, It save money & right now we could use that.  My beauty blog will be undergoing some major work pretty soon thanks to Melanie you can find her design website at the bottom of my blog.

Anyway.. time to get off work! Whoo! What an employee I am!


August 13, 2012

Monday Catch-up: 8/13/12

Hello Yall, Hope your weekend was well. The weekend was relaxing & lazy as most. I got out of work late becasue my wonderful boss didnt have proper coverage. I just love how we are just lazy on weekends, not much cooking is done( although at the request of Mr. i wll be doing some cooking on weekends) the house gets messy hahaa. But come Monday Im glad we did it.

I tried a new recipe on Saturday that turned out pretty good, although the mr. liked it it was his fave but hey he is my guinea pig! Sunday was more laziness i actually tried to keep up the house which i cleaned on Friday so that today I didn't have a major mess to clean.

Today my class syllabus is available so I am checking on how my weekly schedule will go. I'm still confused on if the online classes have certain times for the "class" or not. But i suppose this week Ill start looking thorough my chapters that will be due in a week & a half. If I can get a lil ahead then great! I am getting a little nervous to be in school again more so because it online & little more confusing, but I am grateful that I can go to school & that I can work on my degree from home.

Till then I am waiting on my refund that I wish will get here oh so soon, I am so excited & inpatient to get a new laptop & I plan on getting some new sneakers, the ones I have are so old  & are hurting my feet when I work out, the rest if there is any I plan on saving.

Other than that have a happy Monday Oh! & Happy Birthday to mi prima Sarah E! Love you mija!


August 10, 2012

Friday's Letters 8/10/12


Happy Friday. hope yall's week was good!

Dear Mr. - I have enjoyed you being home this week, but i have to say I am ready to have my house back during the day! I seem to get no housework done when your home, on the flipside i enjoy the lunches you buy for us, ;)
Dear School- Hurry up & despot into my account! Get my tution paid & give me the extra, my new laptop is waiting for me!
Dear August- We meet again! Another Birthday I am excited for! 26! wow..... excited for this new year.
Dear Blogs- Ill get back into posting, been lacking, but you know what? sometiems you need to!

Have a good weekend yall! Dont forget to check out CurlyGirlBeauty for the BeautyTalkFriday Topic!


August 7, 2012

8/7/12 ( A Catch- up of Sorts)

Hello everyone! I know its been a little bit since I have blogged, quite much has been going on. About 2 weeks ago the Mr. & I got into a car accident coming back from Swallow Falls. I suffered a minor back injury so for a week I was more just resting  & trying to feel better. The past week I have been dealing with an personal issue with my family. I have been trying to keep up with blogging on my Beauty blog as well.

On other notes I will be starting school this month & I am very excited. Its been a year since Ive been in school, I will be taking all my classes online & I have to say I am nervous. I haven't taken online class before but that's not what I am nervous about, I just want to do good. At my last college for Medical Assisting  I graduated with a 3.8 and on the Dean's list. I want the same thing at this school.

I have just ordered my books yesterday & they should be delivered soon. Starting next week I will have some assignments to get started on. I am also planning on getting a new laptop, oh how bad I need one! Mine is broken in half ( where you fold the laptop) , like its held in together by the wires.  It still works fine for the most part but If I am able to get a new working laptop for my classes & not worry about my work then hey I'm all for it!

That's pretty much it! I plan on resuming the blogging so stay tuned!!!