September 4, 2012

Recipe: Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothie/Soft serve

So the other day I wanted something sweet,healthy & yummy... I then remembered I had some bananas &strawberries that I wanted to use before it went bad. I came up with the SWEET idea of a smoothie! hahaha, We LOVE making healthy smoothies at my house so it was perfect. I also wanted to make one with my new protein powder from the Tone It Up girls called Perfect Fit Protein. Its Vanilla flavor & all natural & organic.  The end results were so yummy Ill be making some more today!

This Smoothie is all  healthy,natural & easy! Of course you make this to your personal preference. I found this also doubles as a great soft serve! Enjoy the step by step pics of this yummy smoothie!


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  4. This recipe looks absolutely delicious. Trying it as soon as possible :)

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