September 18, 2012

9/18/12 ( Business Learnings)

Well as  you all know I have opened up my own shop on Storenvy, I am so proud of it. This past Saturday I shipped out my first orders & that was a great feeling. I am finding that I am always learning when it comes to owning a small ( Tiny) Business. Im still doing research & finding out  things I should do, branding so & so. So this begs the question: Are You Trying to make this thing serious? That answer........ Yes

I would love to have my own small business that I can do & stay at home . I have always wanted something of my own.  I recently did a YT video & one of my friends in Miami seen it & immediately text me . When we talked & catch ed up she said " Listen you know I graduated school for Advertising & Graphic Design, I don't know if you have someone but I would love to work with you on your business" I was floored.  yet excited.

I told her that I was looking for someone to do a logo or something for labels, I think its a great experience for  both of us. I would love to her get more experience & me get experience too. She asked me many questions about logos & advertising & what I wanted for my business  that I honestly never thought of asking or thinking about.

I am excited to learn & I know it wont be easy. But If I am serious about setting up something long term then I need to learn.


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  1. I am loving the soap and lip balm! (and also the hand cream...thanks so much for that! I'm actually a huge fan of lemon). =) I used the soap this morning and it left such a pretty scent. I'll be sure to do a blog post on both products soon!


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