September 28, 2013

Not Much goes on (9/28/13)

You know not much goes on in my life. I work , go to school & constantly work on my Beauty blog & business.  Thats not to mention taking care of the Mr.
School has been busy, we know this, we are winding down in the last couple weeks so I have been doing research papers & tests. Oh Joy.. But God willing I pass with good grades.

Mr. started his new job this past week, its a bit overwhelming.... You know with all new jobs the first couple weeks is getting used to your coworkers, training, etc.  But there are many good things about this job so far so we shall see.

Switching from Blogger:
I have been using Blogger for my blogs for the past 4 years. I really dont have a problem with it, its just that i want to take CurlyGirlBeauty to the next level and I feel that i need to switch platforms to do that. I cant get with Wordpress, granite its awsome in customizing & there are so many options, ( that is a problem for me) and lets not get me started on code.. Yea I am not very efficient on that . I have been playing around on Squarespace, so far I am loving it. Its so easy and when you look up top blogging platforms, Squarespace & Wordpress are the top two. Its a drag & drop website bulider which is right up my alley. I also love how I can have my store within my blog to make it easy for my readers & customers.

Wedding Talk:
So the Mr & I have been discussing quite a few things for this upcoming year.  It is for sure that our wedding will happen in 2014. Yes, we do have a month in mind, but when its definite & If we feel comfortable or choose to tell everyone ( besides those coming) then Ill let you know.

You can always keep up with me on Twitter @SheisSantana

September 18, 2013

ShopCGB's New collection of body butters.

This collection has been in the works for months now & I am so happy to launch ShopCurlyGirlBeauty's new collection of Body Butters.

They come in 6 yummy new scents
Lemon Cake
Moroccan Mint
Hello Sweet Thang!
Oatmeal,Milk & Honey
Grapefruit Lily
Coconut Lemongrass

Check it out below & Click on the pic to shop!

8oz jat $15.00 each, made fresh to order.

Buy 2 & get $5.00 off!

September 17, 2013

To Courthouse or Not to Courthouse? (9/16/13)


When is the wedding?, How is dress shopping?, Have you found the venue?, Is it big or small?

These are wedding questions I have been getting and last week it seemed like every day I got a question about Mr A's & I's impending marriage..

I wanted to answer " why? are YOU paying for it?" or " Who says your invited?"  Dont get me wrong, I know ppl want to know because any wedding talk is exciting, but  man I realize now since I am a bride. Its pretty annoying. I can only imagine when  we have our first child.

Some friend's who ask, I don't mind because they hardly ever ask. But some ppl really get into it & act like they are being invited.  Frankly I dont really care to discuss with the majority of ppl for the fact I feel when you do & they dont get an invite , its a issue.   Or since you discuss it  with them , there is a obligation to invite them. ummm Hell No... got the wrong girl... PLUS... Its something I feel is INTIMATE & not for the world..

 So what IS going on with the wedding? ........ Well since I am sharing on my own will here is some updates...

September 10, 2013

Sample Perfect Fit Protein !

If you didn't know I have totally changed my Eating lifestyle, To totally Clean  eating & sticking with my fitness, You can follow my journey at & IG @CurlyGirlFitness .

I follow the ToneItUp Nutrition Plan by the ToneItUp Girls Karena & Katrina .

I also use their Protein Powder & Bars which are pretty yummy. Since I have been getting some questions about the protein powder I use, They are offering a Great Deal for those who are Looking to try the Protein Powder & Bar & You get a Free Lipbalm!  Its just $7.00 & Free shipping.. Snatch this up quick!

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