September 3, 2012

Monday Catch-up: 9/3/12 (Birthday & weekend lunches)

Happy Monday! I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend & Labor Day. I am still working no matter what so school & work doesn't stop! I also have some errands to run today as well not to mention my regular care of the house on Mondays. The Mr. is off today so I am cleaning up around him! haha but I enjoy him being home with me. He does all the "manly" stuff around here.

My birthday was pretty chill, I just did regular house stuff & made dinner , my birthday was in the middle of the week anyway, I did take the night off though. The Mr. Surprised me though with Beautiful purple roses & a yummy cake! The best part? I got  a new Tiffany's Charm Bracelet! I love things that come in a little blue box!


017 The weekend was rather a little bit busy, Mr. had a death in his family so I & we have been over at his mothers since Thursday, just making sure she is ok & his family has been discussing the funeral arrangements back in Nigeria. Saturday the Mr. went over to his mothers while I worked on school work & rested, after that was done I went to Target to get Mr. a couple pairs of Jeans & grab his mother some flowers & card. I then spent the rest of the evening over there.

Sunday I surprised & picked up my cousin  which I haven't seen in some months, we ended up going back to Target to return Mr. 's jeans & get new ones ( which I still have to return a pair!) Then we went to lunch at Ruby Tuesday & had a great time catching up! He is so funny & I always have a great time with him.  The rest of the evening was spent finishing up school work & cuddling with my Mr. :)

Now its off to finish some laundry & do a little food shopping!

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