June 27, 2013

6/27/13 ( Not on THAT blogging level)

I know its been a while since I blogged here.. I have been just trying to do some research on wedding things, new packaging for my body butter at the shop & looking into possible new products I want to introduce in my shop.

I also have been busy catching up on posts that need to be written  for the brands that i am working with for CurlyGirlBeauty. I have been so behind on getting pics, reviews & product write up and press releases for the blog and most important its business.  It doesn't look good on me when I don't get the post up for the company in a timely matter.  After all I am trying to make this my business so I am trying to discipline myself.

Speaking on blogging. I have been doing research on making my blog & blogging better and learning the in's & out's of becoming a Pro Blogger.  If you didn't know  I am serious when it comes to CurlyGirlBeauty and my dream/goal is to make a brand, a business that I love that I can also make an income blogging about what I love.

I thought I was doing pretty good.  I have gotten to work with some great brands, make money & gotten tons of free stuff ( I haven't needed to buy toiletries , i.e lotion, body wash, makeup, skincare) for like months.  I have some great network connections & so on. yet the more I read these articles and more so other bloggers who are DOING IT, I am like Damn! I am so not on that level,but I want & will be.

I see & I am learning so much that I should have been doing to excel my blog . It's ok though I don't think before I was ready and now I am ready.  The blog will be redesigned, I have just Temp look up now. Before I have it done I want to find a look or theme that I want to stick with because I don't stick with the look for long and I think when your trying to be Pro , that could be a issue.  Not that I haven't loved my looks in the past, I just want one I can truly stick with for the long haul.

This coming year I want to really look into going to a blogger conference, I think not only would it be cool but also a great learning experience.  I just don't have no one to go with.. But hey I can hang with myself.. hahaha...

Anyway that is it for now.. TTYL!

June 11, 2013

6/10/13 ( Father, Daughter Visits & Forgiveness )

How was your weekend? Mine was well Saturday it was just rest day & Sunday I went & visited with my father & grandparents. My father came in town from Detroit for a dance workshop ( he teaches dance) I haven't seen him in a few years. Honestly I cut him out of my life for a couple of years for a some things I felt he shouldn't have done to me & then about last year I decided to give him one last chance to attempt to be apart of my life. 

See my father & I haven't had the best relationship over the years, it was his doing. I came to a breaking point about 4 years ago to cut him & his side of the family out of my life.  A year and half ago I opened the door for him one last time.  As far as his side of the family.. its one of those things where they don't make effort and I'm to the point where they never have & I'm good about that & I could care less. 

Over the years ppl change and sometimes ppl can see where they have gone wrong. I finally stepped up and told him my feelings & told him what I really wanted from him. Just simple communication & effort.

I have to say that I am happy because my father has been pretty good about stepping up and giving me the communication & effort that I so badly wanted & needed.  We talk more and he shows effort which is all i ever wanted.  So you have to understand that this visit was a big deal for me & I couldn't have asked for anything better. 

You know , you have to let go & forgive... you cant stay bitter, hurt.. Because you can miss out on sweet memories and moments like those below..  Some ppl are not meant to be in your life, but some..... they need prayer, forgiveness and maybe if they put the work in... a second chance... & sometimes those second chances are sweeter & better then the first....

These pics are from IG follow me at @SheisSantana
My grandfather showing my father how to tie a tie..  Yes my dad was filming it. lol

June 4, 2013

6/3/13 ( Life since getting Engaged 2 weeks in )

How are you? So how is life since being engaged? Well happiness, laziness, feeling overwhelmed.. research..

The first week was pretty lazy.. it was all about decompressing from the vacay, I even took that week from bloggging. I also had to get used to my regular work schedule again.

I still look down at my ring and cant believe it happened for real.. I think back on how it happened and tear up.. All of it still is sinking in.

No date has yet to be chosen, last week I was still letting friends & family know.  I am in the process of getting a hold of the contact at our church concerning weddings.. I heard she is helping to plan a funeral so I haven't gotten to talk to her yet.  We mainly want to get we need to do from our church first before we choose a date.

I have also been chatting with my married friends on how they paid for and did their weddings. getting tips, & first hand knowledge. I think its good to gather info & tips from ppl who went through this before. I can learn a few things...

A few moments I have felt over whelmed because weddings cost so damn much! ugh! Totally turns me off.  Dont be surprised if we just got to the courthouse!

I have decided that I rather spend money on a nice log honeymoon then spend thousands on a a dress and big wedding.  The wedding should be about our close friends and family..

I have started looking around for wedding dresses yet nothing has stuck out.  If you know of any places then let me know!

There are moments where I sit and reflect on the new role I will be taking... to actually be a wife. I cant get away with certain things that I am used to getting away with. The joy that comes.  The fact I have been waiting for this moment for all my life.  The joy of others truly sharing in my joy with me is amazing.  The prospect of motherhood & the thoughts of wanting to be a stay at home wife.  I dont know it the housewife thing could happen, it really depends on many factors.  I find myself wanting to immerse myself into the Bible more to learn more about what God expects out of me as a wife.  Just things like that.....

Other then that We have been happy and just getting things back to normal. Ill update more when there is new developments.