September 10, 2012

Monday Catch-up: 9/10/12

Happy Monday everyone I hope your weekend was good. Mine was pretty good. Saturday I had lunch with a friend from school & then pretty much chilled out for the rest of the day.

On Sunday I went to the crafts store & got a few more soap supplies. I made 3 batches of soap & put them up in the store yesterday, you can check them out in yesterdays post. I plan on making a batch or 2 today as well and posting pics in the store.  Stay tuned to my Beauty blog as I will be starting a Giveaway this week. Also I will be posting a recipe tomorrow!
2 out of the 3 batches I made.


  1. Sadly, I'm just now getting around to visiting some peeps from the "I love my online friends hop!" Better late than never, right? Glad I found ya! Following ya! and those soap bars are cute!

  2. I love these colors! They look as if they are edible lollolo or maybe I'm just hungry...
    Such a cute blog you have! Newest follower here from over at the blog hop =D

  3. Cute, I'd love to try making these!



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