November 30, 2012

Friday Letters: 11/30/12


Happy Friday!

Dear week: You went by pretty fast... Cool.
Dear November: You went by pretty fast as well.
Dear Bank Account: Im done spending...... I think... but most you went to gifts so its ok..
Dear Shop: Lets sell you out I can restock you with better things!
Dear Beauty blog: cant wait till you get a makeover by Melanie..
Dear In laws: cant wait to see what car you will get next, & looking forward to trading ours in.
Dear Mr. I cant wait to give you my gift... Of course you will get it early.... because its so awsome I cant wait.

Have a great weekend!

November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday Deals!

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November 23, 2012

Im having a 10% off sale off $5.00 or more!

Just wanted to let you all know that this weekend  Iam giving all my shoppers 10% off any order over $5.00 or more! So this is the time to stock up on lip balms & bath bars. Once an item is sold out its OUT!, I plan on selling out of my current inventory because I will be revamping & adding new product to the shop in the coming 2 months.  So come on by & grab some stuff.. Would love to have ya.... Shop Now

November 19, 2012

Monday Catch-up: 11/19/12 ( Nigerian Funerals & BlackFriday Sales)

Happy Monday, Another work week starts but its a short one for most. except for me, Its just a regular work week for me. I work at  Jewish nursing home, so the holidays are not celebrated. My family is back in Michigan anyway , Mr. family is here & more & likely we will be going over there but to me, I would just want to rest for the night shift.

This weekend the Mr. & I went over to his parents house & visited & watched some videos from hid uncles funeral in Nigeria. For the life of me I was trying to understand why you would want to take pictures & film a funeral. To me it seems slightly disrespectful. I know in their culture they are celebrating life which I get but I don't know. In a way I felt like I was invading the family moments but watching the video. Then some of the ppl were sunglasses in church!? what? who does that? I know your crying & grieving but really?  Oh well. cultures are different & this will be my culture soon. Its something you have to get used to when you come from a different culture & i don't just mean American either.

We also had a conversation about the meaning of Names, & why we feel its important to name our children with strong meaningful names.  Very interesting conversation let me tell you.  I also told him that once we get engaged/married I plan on starting a new blog probably called "Two Tribes"  because that how I feel that we are. lol he laughed like crazy & said ok. lol!

I got some orders in yesterday which is great of course, I just seem to be having an issue charging shipping, like the website isn't charging correctly. idk, I have emailed them & I am sure I will find a  solution soon.  I also will be having  an After Thanksgiving sale for Black Friday & Cyber Monday.  so make sure you stay tuned. You can go to the shop to sign up for the newsletter to get notified.

How was your weekend?

November 16, 2012

Fridays Letters: 11/16/12


Dear Week: Once again your over & pay week is next week! Whoo!
Dear Shop: Your looking good, now im looking to expand you in the product area & looking for scents for my Winter 2012 collection.
Dear Followers: Hello! to the new ones & to my avid readers who come every post & comment, thank you!
Dear Twitter: Your my sounding board.....
Dear money: Why cant you ever be enough?

Have a great weekend everyone!

November 15, 2012

11/14/12 ( Adjusting,Tweaking,Soreness)


So Yesterday & the day before I started back working out, yes I have been SERIOUSLY lacking &  lazy for several weeks ! I have no one to blame but myself. I was like, "You know what? I need to get my butt going!" Well I am sore, but I am happy about it! I remember seeing this Ad for Under Armour Women that says "No matter what, SWEAT every day" The commercial is below.  Honestly that damn ad has been stuck in my mind! ( Great Advertising I must say) But its good, I love the message & when I was working out these past couple of days I kept replaying that damn quote in my mind.

November 13, 2012

11/13/12 ( 1st trip to Whole Foods)

Hello everyone, I hope your weekend was well. This weekend I did my food shopping at Whole Foods for the first time! I know some of you are probably like " really just  now?" yep. Ive been wanting to shop there for a while but haven't gotten around to it.  The Mr. & I discussed our eating habits & decided we wanted to start shopping at Whole Foods for their healthier options.

I have to say that the customer service was wayyyy better then regular grocery stores! It was somewhat busy on the Saturday which i suspected, I didn't go earlier for the fact I was tired when I got home from work, I had to sleep for a couple hours. I loved the selection of fruits & veggies , one of the main points of me shopping there. I know the farmers market will be closing soon if not now, plus Whole Foods is closer. I wanted fresh, organic fruits & veggies. I don't mind paying the extra cost for better food for us.

November 9, 2012

Fridays Letters: 11/9/12


Dear Week: I am happy the weekend is finally here, I can finally go food shopping. 
Dear Mr.: I cant wait to spend the weekend with you & praise God we are getting our new tires put on. 
Dear Shop: You have your own domain! ! & thank you to my customers this week!
Dear Laptop: So I upgraded you to Windows 8, I must say I really like it yet Im not sure about some things, Im still playing around, I dont like how I had to uninstall my Mcafee just to upgrade, but I have thought about downgrading. We shall see. 
Dear Followers: Thank you for reading & HELLO to my new followers! Dont forget you can Sponsor this blog !

Have a great weekend!


November 8, 2012

11/8/12 ( The Weight of the World on the Shoulders of Man)

This post is inspired by Mr. A recent event concerning our car really made me see how much that Mr. has to deal with everyday.  I admit some of what I may say might not agree with you but that's ok. That's the purpose of us blogging right. Maybe I can help you to appreciate your spouse a little more.

We have a more traditional relationship, its just what works for us. Mr. takes care of all the big stuff & he is the type of man that is "manly" he takes care of the care, takes out trash,etc. Sometimes I don't realize how much he takes on & deals with so I can have a "easy" life. I am Independent, I always have been, I have no problem paying bills ( which I do,etc) I lived on my own before I moved to Maryland so nothing is new to me.

Now I don't worry about the bigger bills, I just worry about the small ones & food shopping, house care.  He on the other hand, works  of course, worries about rent,car, making sure we have what we need, makes sure the car is running smoothly so I can safely drive to work, takes all the stress that maybe we should both have & lays it on his shoulders.  When u thought of this, It almost made me cry. He really deals with alot.

Admit If I don't have to directly deal with it, I wont worry about it. That is bad! This will become a lifelong partnership God wiling in the next year coming. I need to let him know Im here & willing to help.  This morning I told him "Thank You" for everything & I realized how much he really deals with for us.  I am now determined to help more then I do now, & take Him more into consideration.

Men go out & fight a battle for us women EVERYDAY, they may not show it but they feel the need to protect us, provide for us, etc. That's what men are supposed to do.  The thing is we as women need to realize that & be grateful & show our appreciation. I understand  many women are doing it on their own , I get that. That's great. But when we do have men in our lives,they do work hard for us. So just thank them ok?


November 2, 2012

Friday's Letters: 11/2/12


To My Week:You have been , well a week. What can I say.. I Love that the weekend is here again.
To My Mr. I Love You .. Thank You for always working hard & taking care of us. Keeping us safe & making sure we always have what we need. 
To my mama: I cant believe the time is coming for you to leave Michigan & go to Texas. 
To Work; You have been kind of busy this week due to the State Surveyors. Oh Joy.
To my Readers: Thanks to staying while I was gone. I hope my fellow East Coasters are safe from the Hurricane that hit us. You all are in my prayers.

Have a Great Weekend!