March 30, 2012


Another post on i don't know what. April is about here and that also includes my sisters bday, which i haven't spoke to her in a a good while, i kind of just let her go. I felt that she doesn't contact me either, and to be honest she is like an extension of my father and i don't want to talk to him right now.  Although i have been thinking and wanting to call him. If all else i want him to know how i feel and let him know that he is choosing to miss out on my life, because of his actions.  I haven't been praying on it much like i should, bad i know.

I am really praying and hoping that my mark. business picks up though, i so need the extra money. I need to take care of some things and it almost seems never ending. I am praying that Mr. gets another , better job. I am missing home and just want to hang out with friends.

Ive been trying to cook better and do different recipes & now i am starting to look online for home furnishings, yes i know been months since we moved in, i guess in my head because we plan on moving its like "why furnish if we leaving?" that is also my thoughts on making friends here and trying to hang with them, i haven't been for 5 yrs and now i am planning to move why now?

I also got back in contact with my home girls from high school and i have been loving the convos, rediscovering a friendship is the best, finding out now that in this times of our lives we have so much more in common then before. Priceless.


March 22, 2012

Auburn: All about Him


Sometimes i just look at this blog and ask " why do i even have this anymore?" its been 2 years, ive changed names, layouts numerous times, deleted it i dont know how many times. The content been crazy. I dont know, i dont have as much passion to write here as i do my other blog. I like blogging though.

You ever have the feeling to where you absoulty feel like your not good enough for anything, or anybody. Thast how i been feeling, i wont go into detail because most of yall dont need to know. I plan on praying about it of course, although i know the course of action i need to take. I am just too lazy to do it, which is bad.  But i am getting to the point to where i am tired of all the BS that is in my life that i have allowed for so long.  In shutdown mode that is where i am at the moment.

I have goals for  my life and for this year, some major changes are coming and i am so excited for them, they are major, but they need work to make it happen.

For the moment i just want to lay in bed, lay with my Mr. enjoy one another, figure out what i wanna do.


March 14, 2012


So i have been doing Zumba fitness for about 3 weeks now & let me tell you i have been trying to not let my money go to waste! I don't have a problem with the workout, its really just me. I have a laziness problem. I admit it.  This problem affects things that i really want to do. 

I workout about every other day, 1 day workout, 1 day rest. Plus i have a crazy hip pain issue so after my workouts my hip is sore, i don't want to overwork it & make it worse so i rest my hip the day after.  
Last week though was such a off week for me, i was soooooo lazy when it came to my workouts. Up until yesterday i didn't work out for like 4 days. 

March 13, 2012


Why is it so hard for me to just settle on one thing and be happy with it? I mean when it comes to blogging, I am so undecided! More with templates & layouts. I mean i want people to come and read my blog & want to keep coming back. I know people read your blog based on how its looks as well, i should know i do this ALOT, i am not saying its right, but i mean if a good blog design catches my eye then i tend to wanna stay and look around.

The second thing  to wanna have is good content, that which i am struggling on. It may not seem so on this blog, but Ive actually had this blog running for going on 2 years, & twice already i have deleted all my posts. numerous times i have changed the layout, templates. content. All because i haven't been happy with it. I want a blog i can be proud of. This hasn't been it.

March 3, 2012


Many years ago in Washington D.C a young baby boy was born, he spent his early childhood there. From there he went all the way across the world to England where he spent his childhood & teen years between Europe & Nigeria. At the tender age of 18 he came back to the U.S & attended Howard University.

After many years of growing into a mature man he met a crazy curly haired girl & fell in love.
This man is mine, & today is his birthday, the day the Lord brought this wonderful man into the world.
To this day i don't know what i do without him. He has been such a blessing in my life.