May 31, 2012


I am the meatloaf queen! jajajaaja

I made my first ever meatloaf from scratch & it turned out so delish & amazing & all the other words that mean totally awesome. I have been pushed by this whole cooking thing. Don't get me wrong I can cook, but I havent had to really try different recipes & cook for someone who really loves food- Good Food.

I notice that when I am cooking, or making something for the first time I tend to pray, I pray over the meal that my hands are preparing, I pray that the meal taste good, provides nutrion for the our bodies & that Mr. is proud of me.

I LOVE the fact that he is, he totally understands how important my "cooking first" are. He takes pictures & give me the wonderful praise, haha.  I actually broke down & cried when he took a bite & said he thought it tasted wonderful. I told him he doesn't know how good it is to hear him say that. Of course I am proud of myself, but at the same time I cook for him.

Its the small accomplishments that are the best ... ;)


May 30, 2012


I swear my blog look changes so much sometimes, but hey I like to change up with my mood. Blog redesigning can be so tedious & time consumimg. This blog I have been keeping simple,which I have found I like so much more.

This blog has had many titles, many looks & the content has changed dramatically. I can honestly say I am in a happy place with my blog name & content. FINALLY!

My skills with blogging has changed so much. I have learned so much & ways of doing things. I love the freedom that you have to change your layout anytime & anyway. I am not a expert or a great blog designer ( I have a friend Melanie design for me) but I do the best I can. With blogging you are constantly learning & improving.

I remember when I first started blogging in the first year, for the life of me  I couldn't figure out how some ppl made blog buttons and it was my greatest frustration! I was so jealous! I just couldn't figure out how to make them & the fact they included using html I remember thinking, I'm screwed. But I found my way & found a great blog that had a SUPER EASY tutorial on how to make blog buttons, ( I still use that tutorial today) for that tutorial go HERE .

All in all  I love blogging & I am still learning, It has helped me grow my mark. business & introduce the world to CurlyGirlBeauty .

Do you remember your start in blogging? Did you have the trouble as me?


May 29, 2012


This past weekend was pretty nice & tiring. Saturday was busy with shopping for the house food,supplies. I ended up working Saturday nite. Come Sunday morning I got all my veggies cut & meats packed away. I really look forward to cooking & trying some recipes this week ,now that we are starting our journey with Clean Eating.

I cant believe it will be June! It will by my lil hermana (sister) Bday and I am so excited this summer is full of birthdays as usual including mine & the Mr. & I's 3 year  anniversary ! I cant believe it! This year has been a blessing for us . I admit its kinda of hard to NOT think about this year coming up for the fact I am waiting for something (wink)

I am so excited to go to the hair salon next week! I Haven't been in 2-3 years. Its been a long time coming, It will be nice to pamper myself , Mr. says he wants to take me out to dinner that day too, which will be fun & nice. I like our "Couple Time" although its always  nice to have him , i admit I am the type of girl that likes to go out & do things, Idk I feel extra special when he takes me out. Its nice to be out the house.

I also have to say R.I.P to one of my best patients, Mr. Malcolm Jones , You will be dearly missed. I enjoyed our past few years together & I appreciated the facet that you made me see how fortunate I am for my health & for my life. You were a prime example of not letting serious health issues & a debaliting disease  define who you were. Although I am saddend by your death I know it was just your "Going Home" I know you were not scared, I know you were ready to met  your Lord,Your body is no longer suffering & that puts me at peace with your passing. Very few of my patients affect me & have a place in my heart like you do. You were one of the shining stars here at my job. Look down at me & guide me & watch me as you are our Angel now. You did amazing work & you made every one you came in contact with love you.  Our running joke between you & I was that we were a "couple" jajajaja You were the best boyfriend ever.  I remember you calling my desk & cell phone just to so you can hear my voice & talk to "your girl" to check on me & tell your praying for me. My visits up to your room to make sure the nurses was treating you ok.  Thank Mr. Jones, as i finish typing this at my desk tears begin to fall. I thank God that your now in your true home & I thank Him even more for blessing me with knowing You.

Love, Santana "Your Girl"


May 25, 2012


There are moments when you think back on random moments of your life, sometimes you analyze the decisions you made & laugh at the good times & wanna erase memories of the bad. The main time I think about my life is actually when I am trying to sleep.!

I would say Ive had an interesting life, I was in Karate when I was young, did swimming & tennis in high school, had plenty friends, I have always worked, moved out on my own when I was 18, worked & lived at Disney World, been a Student Ambassador at both my colleges.

I also had some bad times too, Love that went wrong, a survivor of domestic violence,one of my best friend & lover dying suddenly & amongst other things. God has always pulled me through, & through all my good & bad times I have really seen how strong I actually am. In each case God has shown me how blessed I am  & how I am going to make it.

Honestly I don't regret a damn thing in my life believe it or not. Ever since I could remember I always said " I refuse to regret anything in my life" I have stuck by that. I have learned so many lessons, I admit some lessons I could have done without & I know my choices to stay in certain situations made those lessons happen. Yet I learned & moved on.

I am so blessed in my life now.  I have come so far & some of my blessings have come out of those good & bad choices. They have made me. Even though I am still mixed up & broken in many ways I wouldn't change it.

Life is not easy & whoever told you it is, LIED. But that's what makes life so cool, fun,scary,amazing & all that other stuff.  When good things happen - Be Thankful, when bad things happen - Be Thankful, yes I said it. There is ALWAYS someone who has it worse than you & there is always something even in the bad to be thankful for.

Things happen Good or Bad, when they do, deal with it or celebrate it & move on- Get over it! Don't waste your life on being miserable, use it on being happy.


May 22, 2012


Are you married yet? When are you getting married? Did he propose yet? What are you guys waiting for?

 Have you ever gotten these type of questions when you have been with your Love after a while?
  1. Our families are traditional
  2. We have been together 3 years & our families think its long enough ( His mother thought 8 months was long enough)
  3. He is the oldest  &  his other 2 brothers are married thus his family is anxious
  4. He is "older"  than me so his friends are ready for him to have children & a wife.
I talked to his mother well my mother in law today & she wanted to have a  serious convo with me & why we were not engaged yet. She asked what I was doing to help move the process along & asked what was taking him so long to pop the question. I simply told her that "He is going to do it when HE feels its right, not when others expect him, but he will soon" she just laughed.

She said she has been praying about us & knows that this match is right. The thing is that its coming.....
I can feel it sometime by the end of this year beginning of next year. But i am not going to nag him about it either, i don't feel i have too. He knows where my heart is, he knows what i want. We both knew this was the goal when we "got together" I also have strong faith & know he IS going to do it. You cant & shouldn't rush a big decision like this.

At the end of the day He is the MAN in our relationship & the MAN of our household, when he feels its the right time to take our relationship to that level then we will. I am perfectly fine & happy to submit to him on this & follow his lead. That's what i am suppose to do. I already know God has chosen me to be his wife.I am shown that everyday. I guess sometimes i wish our friends & family understood that, but i understand they just want us to be happy .


May 21, 2012


The Mr. and I had a great start to our weekend. We attended one of his cousins birthday party. It was great to just get out and be a couple & not have to worry about work & all that mess. We had a great time, It was so nice to see him with is friends & act "like a  guy". I was glad i took Friday nite off.

Today i worked out & washed my hair using the "devacurl" method. So far i am liking the results. The day is also filled with blogging and getting some rest before work.

Side Note: Still waiting for my school to tell me how much i am getting, I wish they would hurry up!


May 18, 2012


I swear he just puts a smile on my face, gives me strength to get through the day. He does the little things that make me feel so special that i cant speak. Some days i just immensely love him & other days i feel so overwhelmingly blessed i could burst!

I guess that's love for you. I got the love bug. I admit it.

He is my best friend, big brother,lover,protector,provider,Faith leader. He is the smartest man i know, Mr fix it, the best cooker, car mechanic,my solider & so much more.

I am just thankful.... this post was inspired by my Mr. surprising me with breakfast at work this morning..for no reason at all... He just felt God telling him to bring me some breakfast.

Its really not the BIG things our loves do, its the small thoughtful things. The things your love does that you depend on them to do.  Simple as that.


May 16, 2012


Sometimes in relationships you have those moments where one does something that they honestly think is "for us" and the other is like " no, this is mainly for you" This is how i felt today.

Its not like its a bad thing, it happens. In relationships you don't always have to agree on everything, or be excited about everything that the other is excited about. Some people get more excited about things more than the other person does.

The key is that  you both accept it and move on. At the end of the day, i may not agree or have mixed feelings about it , but i also trust him as the man of the house & trust that he wouldn't do anything or get anything that isn't good for us either. You pick & choose your battles.

At the end of the day, it happens and you move on. Like that's what i am doing. Its no biggie. I am sure ill do something or get something that he wont be crazy excited about , that's how love goes.


May 15, 2012


Have you ever watched a show that you just said "okay, that's enough! I'm done!"

That's how i feel about one show "Basketball wives" I have been watching the show since it started and it has been one of my guilty pleasures, this season however has really changed how i view the show.  This season has been full of so many fights, and females not even acting like "women". The last episode i just watched was all basically the women "bullying" another cast member.

Ive been disgusted  this whole season  of how they are acting & this episode just pushed me over the edge. I unfollowed the women on twitter & also signed a petition about the show. Its coming to a point where i am getting so disgusted with the shows i watch that i am craving for something new.

The fact that females dare call themselves "women" & act like children , act like bullies then defend each other on it is absolutely disgusting. I will no longer watch or support "Basketball Wives"


May 11, 2012


Sometimes you are in a situation so long that you no longer care about it anymore. The passion and the empathy that you had for others is no long gone. Making friendships with others becomes less important.

That's how i feel about my job. Ive done my job so much its boring literally which in many ways i am not complaining at all, i am actually blessed because it has afforded me other opportunities. It has come to an point where i am tired of the people , tired of the work and my schedule and want something different. This life here in Maryland has been mainly about this job i have  The whole time i have worked here i have had this job. Which on my resume looks good but i am bored.

I am thankful that i have this job, that i am able to get insurance and have straight full time and blah, blah, blah.. I do wish at times i did more at my job. At times i wish i was ion charge of the department because frankly i don't think our current boss is a good one. This job is just here for a certain time, till i am done with school or leave whichever one.

I should be getting paid way more than i do. That in it self pisses me right off.  I feel this job has screwed me in many ways and if you were to ask me i couldn't explain them , just take my word for it.  I am so glad i work nites, i don't have to deal with many people and i frankly like it that way, because its to the point to where everyone at my job pisses me off.