April 21, 2013

Spring Cleaning...

So today I woke up around 6:30 am, for some reason I tend to wake up early on Sundays... I got started on  doing laundry and cleaning the bathroom, then I slowly started just cleaning the while house.  I cleaned out our big walk in closet, honestly ever since we moved in 2 years ago I haven't really went through it & cleaned it. Today I did, now its nice & neat & organized.  I dusted & everything.

It has also been bothering me because I am home during the day,  I really do like a nice , neat  home. They say your home reflects your mind state. If you have a messy , cluttered home then your mind state is messy.  Just think about it.

I don't want to have to worry about if ppl come over if my home is messy. I feel better when my home is clean.  After all I personally feel its the woman's job to keep the home, ( of course some help don't hurt! lol)

Anyway.. its nice & clean now.. I was thinking about taking some pictures but frankly guys I'm tired.. so y'all gonna have to be happy with this .. lol smile.

Anyway how was your weekend?

April 18, 2013

Recipe: Asian Chicken Salad Pitas

This recipe is so yummy, light, refreshing & Healthy. Its a clean eating recipe and can be easily made.  You can follow this initial recipe then if you enjoy it you can add or alter as you see fit for your family.  Personally for my family I didn't add the full tablespoon of garlic, just a half of a half tblsp since I know its strong & I thought it would be too much. 
I also didn't add scallions since I didn't have them on hand & not a big fan. 

but that is the fun of cooking, you work & add, edit what works for you.  I added a side of rice or you can do any side you wish, This is great is for Spring & Summer!

April 12, 2013

4/11/13 ( So I almost lost my job today)

Ill admit it, I was lazy and trusted someone else on something I shouldn't have.  I didn't bother looking and reporting it, Technically I could have been fired for falsifying records..

I knew it would come to this point & that this might be a possibility. I was pissed at the situation , & at the other ppl involved, I was pissed at myself & embarrassed. I am a good worker and I take pride in my job. But this case I messed up.

What happened? Well in our dept we take care of after hours banking for the residents, we are in charge of money and a key that locks up this money, we have to count the money every shift and verify. Well honestly most of us don't count it, we "trust" the amount that the person before put down.  I know its laziness and wrong.. well this time the damn little key got lost and yup it all fell on me.  fukking wonderful..

According to records I am technically responsible for this little key since I am the last person who signed for it.  Even though I never even looked at or touched the damn key. The other party involved don't care since she is leaving. So I was called into the office and was told that this incident requires and is ground for termination.  I have been at my job almost 7 years, you think I want it to end this way?

I admit I was wrong.. Of course I didn't take the key to money & my concise has been clear on that. But I should done my job correctly and reported it. I decided before going into the meeting that I was going to be a grown woman & take the consequences for my Acton's. The  least I could hope for was  write up.

I was lucky because Iam a good worker & for the fact I have been there so long & no money was missing ( of course there is no reason there should have been yet what if there was?) I just got a write up, which I can deal with.  After the meeting & once I got in the car I was relived & I cried... out of embarrassment, frustration that I feel like I was the only one who really got all the brunt of this bullshit, pissed at myself for trusting this lil trick who don't care cuz she leaving.. & just not doing a simple thing.

I haven't told my Mr. because frankly I am embarrassed and I don't want the chance of him saying "why would you do that?"  when I am already pissed at myself.  I learned my lesson.. I don't & wont ever trust no one at my job again.. not even for something little.  What if the trick before me stole some money & I signed on it then I would be fired!

At the end of the day I put myself in this situation,  I knew better and I know better and you can make damn sure it will NEVER happen again.  I refuse to fukk up my own job.

There are times when we are lazy and letting things  slide... they don't seem big at the time.. but they can get out of hand when it falls apart.. I consider a lesson learned..  I guess I wont be applying for any jobs within this company.. although I really never wanted to..

Great job Santana... Employee of the freakin month!

April 11, 2013

4/10/13 ( Struggle to find where what we are suppose to do.)

You know even when I was young, a little girl I wanted to have my own business. Actually I had a small business when I was in elementary school.  My Momma ran the after school program at school , I had friends who made little crafts  & I also made something , I don't remember what it was but I banded all of us together & made a little store in the program.. Of course I was the boss & I would even dress up. lol

I sold Pens, Pencils , school supplies in class.  Shoot. Where I am from we hustle & we all had one. lol

With that being said,  as I got older I always felt that I needed to be in the Medical field.  I remember going to the hospital  with my Tia ( aunt)  and seeing her work.  I  was in a medical program in high school, studied Medial Assisting , graduated. but now that I am in school again & I am studying for Psychology , I don't care for it. I mean don't  get me wrong, I think its fascinating of why we do things and  medical wise. But my heart is not there, I honestly don't think it ever was.  I think I always went to medical because It was what I knew . I do love working with patients and doing lab work and what not, but it is stressful and can take its toll.

The past few years , what I want has changed dramatically. Now I desire to stay home when I marry and take care of my home & children but also I want to build my brand with my blog CurlyGirlBeauty and run my own business ShopCurlyGirlBeauty . Make a livable living doing that from home. Honestly that is where I am happy.

Its just in reality that is not happening anytime soon and I do want a career type job for right now, I am tired of my current one.  Its time I make more money.  I am thinking of changing my major to like computer graphics & what not.

As far as growing my business I have been networking like crazy and promoting like crazy as well . As for my blog I have been working alot with different companies which has been great, I am building bridges,  I have gotten a few paid opportunities which has been great & that money helped. Yet its nothing that I can quit my job and blog. I know I have it pretty nice now, I work nites where all i do is blog, watch shows, during the day i get to sleep, take care of home.. But that's not enough, although I am thankful. I just want to do what I enjoy doing.

I would love to have my own office at home, a desk, get up & blog.

This year My goal is to push myself when it comes to blogging,  network and build my business.  So far I am sticking to that. Its just a struggle but I do feel I am suppose to do that... I am just praying its God Will. because at the end of the day its what He wants that matters.


April 6, 2013

4/5/13 ( Florida Anyone?)

Well the weekend is finally here! thank goodness.. even though I have a pretty easy job , the nights can be rough & when the weekends come I cant wait to get some real sleep.  Plus spend time with my Mr.

So anyway,  I am pretty happy because Mr. has announced we are going on vacay next month! We are gong to Tampa, Fl, his brother & wife are there. The family has been discussing a big family trip for many months to go down there.  While the rest are meeting us down , we are driving down there by ourselves ( his cousin may also be coming) that way we can make stops & what not. He is excited, we already got the time off.  I am kind of excited but I will be more when its gets closer..  He actually didn't tell me about it for months, which I am glad, I would've been excited & what if it did not pull through.

Anyway.  We are slowly making plans.. until its just work.  I am really hoping we get to go to Disney world.  Its been like 4 years next month and I miss it. it was my home for 7 months. I loved living in Florida.  & Tampa is only like a hour away.. haha I do hope we get to do some things on our own.  I personally cant be around family too much. I like my alone time.

Anyway.. Any vacay plans for you guys? Dont forget to shop my store will ya? I just added some amaze Bath Teas! Come spoil yourself. 

April 5, 2013

4/4/13 ( So Im Back on Facebook & yes I still hate it..)

So a couple months back I went back on Facebook , the only reason was because a company I am working with asked me to be part Of their street team & the group meets on Facebook of course.  No I dont have hundreds of friends, I could though, Facebook shows me all the time my friends profiles, I admit its so easy to click on the page, look at the pics & yes I am tempted to add them, I have added just a few ppl.  I dont post on my timeline because there is no point & I really dont care, besides I have twitter i enjoy updating, I dont add my "friends" because in reality they are no longer my friends...  they are school mates & used to be best friends, we all have moved on with life & lets face it , Facebook isn't about connecting with friends & family its about seeing what others are doing so we can compare our lives to theirs then sit back & feel guilty, sad, pressured & whatever the heck else.  Its a place to be nosy in others business. & you know what? we give them that right to be in our business We post all of our lives on there then get upset when ppl comment of our lives & judge.

My real friends have my number & they call & text. I had hundreds of friends on facebook before, but was so easy for exes to come back & stalk others, none of them were friends.  At the end of the day I really dont care what is going on with your life...  I admit though the profiles I do see its nice to see how my ppl back home are doing.. I see quite a few have gotten married & building business, brands, etc I am happy for them.  I am  a private person. Yes I tweet alot but I am mindful what I tweet & I dont tweet personal stuff. That's why I like Twitter, you can tweet random & what in the moment...  Its like a constant ongoing convo...  Its not about how many photos you have ....

I never go in Facebook  only when I need to check in with the group,although I have been on everyday.. only because My sister got married last Friday in GA so I have been checking back for pics..  Can you believe I even a had some friends get offended because I refuse to add them on Facebook? Is this what friendship has come to? Is that what its all about? Who cares If  accept ur request or not?! I mean if ur a real friend you have my number.. what the hell does facebook have to do with our friendship? anyway.. i despise facebook and I may just stop being in the group just to get off, I haven't decided yet  I am trying to give it a shot to see how it helps to grow my blog.

What are you thoughts?

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