September 19, 2012

9/19/12 (Storms,First Cars & Jacked up Parking)

Today was a rainy Fall day but I loved it. When I went out to get the mail before it stormed the wind was warm & the cloudy look in the sky was nice, the falling leaves, I could have stayed out there forever.  I enjoy Summer because  that is when my Birthday is but I do enjoy Fall. Something about the leaves & pumpkin patches,Apple Cider, Cider mills, the weather this is what makes me fall in love with Fall.

Today was simple, Mr. had the day off which was nice, I was so annoyed this morning to go out to the parking lot at work & find I could barely get into my car because of the nurses jacked up parking! They see you trying to get to your car when they are slowly taking their time to pull out. urgghhhh!

On the way home from work I seen a green Geo Metro, This was my first car except it was Red, Alot of good memories with friends in that car! Oh, the old days..
Stormy rainy mornings male me want to curl up in bed with a cup of  tea or coffee. ( Taken on my way home)

I think simple rainy days are the best, just leaving everything else aside. I made breakfast for us & then wrapped & packaged some new soaps that I made yesterday for my store.After that I just rested & finished watching Season 1 of Revenge, I cant wait for the Season 2 to start on the 30th!


  1. M and I are addicted to "Revenge"! Such a great show!
    Nolan is my fave :oD

    Lovely post!

  2. My first car was a Dodge Neon, which I actually sold to my friend after graduating I get to ride in my old car a lot if my friend is driving! =p I'm looking to get a car though since I no longer have one...of course, we're looking to buy a house now so its probably not in the immediate future, but I would love to have one again! haha

  3. Rainy days are my favorite! I wish it would rain here. :(

    I'm a new follower from the Hump Day hop. Hope you can stop by


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