June 15, 2012

Friday's Letters - 6/15/12

This is my Friday's letters, I have been seeing it on so many blogs that I read & it started with Adventures of Newlyweds.com ( click button)  so I have decided to do one too!

Dear God- Thank you for everyday, for making me feel better after Sunday & I am going to try to put more effort into reading your word everyday.

Dear Mr.- Thank you so much for working hard everyday, for waking up earlier then usual even when tired & working hard to support us, for taking care of me on Sunday & staying home with me on Monday. Thank you for our new pots & pans from Wolfgang Puck, I NEVER had NEW pots & pans before, you just don't know how much having them means to me.

Dear Big Sister- I talk to you every day & I love you, I cant wait till our next skype session.

Dear Mommy- mi seƱora mexicana poco ( my little Mexican lady) I love you mama, I miss you & hope you feel better. te quiero

Dear Job- although I am grateful for you, some days you truly drive me bonkers! You gave me a crazy Friday morning & I wish our department was better.

Dear Self- SUCK IT UP! You need to get on a regular schedule with working out, & look for more clean eating recipes.

Dear Bloggy loves- Thank you to my new followers & all followers, nice to know SOMEONE is reading my life out there.


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  1. love your blog name! so creative! found you via the link up xo


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