June 23, 2012


I don't know why but at times I feel bad for living the life I live. For being so blessed. I have love when some of my friends are having trouble finding it, asking "when is it going to be my time?"  I see people having relationship troubles I cant help but feel blessed because I am. I want others to be happy but when I try to comfort I'm sure they just look at me like " yea but ur happy"  I am and i refuse to apologize  for it. God felt this was my time to have love.  Don't you think im waiting too?

I wonder what I am suppose to be doing with my life, career wise, when will my season of marriage will come, when my season of motherhood will come. i wait too, just on different things. I have a feeling I may be going in the right direction but only God knows for sure.

I just want people to be blessed as I, yes i have to understand that we all get different blessings & at different times. God knows the perfect timing of all things, and they will happen when HE wants them to happen . When you think  you have waited long enough, He thinks you need to wait longer.  So wait..


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