June 27, 2012


Last nite was so frustrating for  me, I have been trying to excersie daily & eating better, I'm taking baby steps but I think im doing pretty ok. I am still switching my eating habits, im not perfect at it but hey  baby steps.

My workout today was just frustrating to put it nicely, my hips were kind of hurting while working out and mentally i just wasnt there, i wasnt in it. I was trying to pray & look to God for strentgh & discipline to continue but i just stopped.  I have to keep reminding myself I am a work in progress & that I need to stop having such high expections of myself with my new lifestyle.  "One day & thing at a time" I have to remind myself.

Changing your lifestyle is really mainly a mentality thing. I know once i have that down  the rest will be easier.  I have been trying to cut down my portions & making more "Clean Eating" recipes. I made Clean Eating Chicken Chili for dinner today which i know will be tasty! I also made fresh, All Natural, Organic Clean Eating Ice cream! It was simple- 2 bananas, 1 reg peach,1 white peach, handful of blurberries, handful of strawberries & 1/2 cup pf vanilla soy milk. of course you dont have to put all that in, the orginal recipe was just banana & strawberry but i had fun with it, also added some honey- YUM-O!

Any way the Mr. & I are taking a couple days off work for our upcoming annuversay, I would personally love to go away for the weekend but as long we can at least go to dinner im happy.

For the rest of the day I will rest & relax, my hip is bothering me so on to some  Burn Notice ( fave show ever) .


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  1. Enjoy your anniversary! :) I am also like that when I work out but I think of the result I would get if I workout everyday. I actually just blogged about what's going on with my workout :)

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