April 10, 2012


Friends are almost like seasons. Some you have for a day,week,month,years,years, or a lifetime. Friends are meant to be had for a season sometimes. Friends come about when your going through a tough time, when you need family , or need love. The thing is that we as people need to determine how long  the person is suppose to stay in our life. This also applies to loves & family members.

I can safely say that I've had many friends throughout my short 25 years of life. Very few of them have remained to  this day. i can probably count on 1 hand the friends i still have from childhood. I have to be honest , i don't always call or text when i should. We kind of go on about our lives then occasionally touch base.

I have friends from high school that were like my best friends, we lost touch or went our own ways then touched base. Found out that we have more in common now than we ever did back in the day . How funny how our recent life experiences from the time in between the high school years & now would give us ground to grow closer. ? I love it.....  I love them more than i did before.

Totally random- Ever hear a song that you just feel deep in your soul?  I do, i get lost in my mind to the song & transform myself.


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