June 20, 2012

6/20/12 ( A Birthday Post)

mi hermana,
Today is your birthday, 12 years old. In a few more years you will be a young woman . To this day it amazes me how some years ago, I seen you in mommy's tummy. When you were a baby I was the only one who could put you to sleep, I would wake up in the middle of the nite, place  you on my chest and just hold you till you fell asleep.

At times I feel as though you & sister are my daughters, I guess since I am the oldest & I was 12 when she was born & 13/14 when you were born.  I helped raised you for some years then I left. I'm sorry I left but I hope you understand it was my time to leave. I pray that I get to see you this summer. I miss you guys so much. I pray that you new year of life gives you many blessings.

You have become so beautiful inside & out. I know my future babies will have a great tía in you.  Continue trusting God & allow him to guide you , follow his will.
Te amo mi hermana pequeña, puede tener un cumpleaños bendecido (I love you my little sister, may you have a blessed birthday)



  1. Hey, I'm a new follower! Found you thru the BLT blog hop! Your hermana (hope I used it properly!) looks like Selena Gomez!

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  2. This is such a sweet post:) Happy birthday to her!

    Found you on the BLT blog hop and I'm a new follower :)

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