August 13, 2012

Monday Catch-up: 8/13/12

Hello Yall, Hope your weekend was well. The weekend was relaxing & lazy as most. I got out of work late becasue my wonderful boss didnt have proper coverage. I just love how we are just lazy on weekends, not much cooking is done( although at the request of Mr. i wll be doing some cooking on weekends) the house gets messy hahaa. But come Monday Im glad we did it.

I tried a new recipe on Saturday that turned out pretty good, although the mr. liked it it was his fave but hey he is my guinea pig! Sunday was more laziness i actually tried to keep up the house which i cleaned on Friday so that today I didn't have a major mess to clean.

Today my class syllabus is available so I am checking on how my weekly schedule will go. I'm still confused on if the online classes have certain times for the "class" or not. But i suppose this week Ill start looking thorough my chapters that will be due in a week & a half. If I can get a lil ahead then great! I am getting a little nervous to be in school again more so because it online & little more confusing, but I am grateful that I can go to school & that I can work on my degree from home.

Till then I am waiting on my refund that I wish will get here oh so soon, I am so excited & inpatient to get a new laptop & I plan on getting some new sneakers, the ones I have are so old  & are hurting my feet when I work out, the rest if there is any I plan on saving.

Other than that have a happy Monday Oh! & Happy Birthday to mi prima Sarah E! Love you mija!


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