August 7, 2012

8/7/12 ( A Catch- up of Sorts)

Hello everyone! I know its been a little bit since I have blogged, quite much has been going on. About 2 weeks ago the Mr. & I got into a car accident coming back from Swallow Falls. I suffered a minor back injury so for a week I was more just resting  & trying to feel better. The past week I have been dealing with an personal issue with my family. I have been trying to keep up with blogging on my Beauty blog as well.

On other notes I will be starting school this month & I am very excited. Its been a year since Ive been in school, I will be taking all my classes online & I have to say I am nervous. I haven't taken online class before but that's not what I am nervous about, I just want to do good. At my last college for Medical Assisting  I graduated with a 3.8 and on the Dean's list. I want the same thing at this school.

I have just ordered my books yesterday & they should be delivered soon. Starting next week I will have some assignments to get started on. I am also planning on getting a new laptop, oh how bad I need one! Mine is broken in half ( where you fold the laptop) , like its held in together by the wires.  It still works fine for the most part but If I am able to get a new working laptop for my classes & not worry about my work then hey I'm all for it!

That's pretty much it! I plan on resuming the blogging so stay tuned!!!


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