August 10, 2012

Friday's Letters 8/10/12


Happy Friday. hope yall's week was good!

Dear Mr. - I have enjoyed you being home this week, but i have to say I am ready to have my house back during the day! I seem to get no housework done when your home, on the flipside i enjoy the lunches you buy for us, ;)
Dear School- Hurry up & despot into my account! Get my tution paid & give me the extra, my new laptop is waiting for me!
Dear August- We meet again! Another Birthday I am excited for! 26! wow..... excited for this new year.
Dear Blogs- Ill get back into posting, been lacking, but you know what? sometiems you need to!

Have a good weekend yall! Dont forget to check out CurlyGirlBeauty for the BeautyTalkFriday Topic!



  1. haha whenever my boyfriend is at home, I never get anything done either. I have no idea why this is since he doesn't really do much to get in my way, but I just never feel like doing anything! lol

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    new follower bev


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