November 8, 2012

11/8/12 ( The Weight of the World on the Shoulders of Man)

This post is inspired by Mr. A recent event concerning our car really made me see how much that Mr. has to deal with everyday.  I admit some of what I may say might not agree with you but that's ok. That's the purpose of us blogging right. Maybe I can help you to appreciate your spouse a little more.

We have a more traditional relationship, its just what works for us. Mr. takes care of all the big stuff & he is the type of man that is "manly" he takes care of the care, takes out trash,etc. Sometimes I don't realize how much he takes on & deals with so I can have a "easy" life. I am Independent, I always have been, I have no problem paying bills ( which I do,etc) I lived on my own before I moved to Maryland so nothing is new to me.

Now I don't worry about the bigger bills, I just worry about the small ones & food shopping, house care.  He on the other hand, works  of course, worries about rent,car, making sure we have what we need, makes sure the car is running smoothly so I can safely drive to work, takes all the stress that maybe we should both have & lays it on his shoulders.  When u thought of this, It almost made me cry. He really deals with alot.

Admit If I don't have to directly deal with it, I wont worry about it. That is bad! This will become a lifelong partnership God wiling in the next year coming. I need to let him know Im here & willing to help.  This morning I told him "Thank You" for everything & I realized how much he really deals with for us.  I am now determined to help more then I do now, & take Him more into consideration.

Men go out & fight a battle for us women EVERYDAY, they may not show it but they feel the need to protect us, provide for us, etc. That's what men are supposed to do.  The thing is we as women need to realize that & be grateful & show our appreciation. I understand  many women are doing it on their own , I get that. That's great. But when we do have men in our lives,they do work hard for us. So just thank them ok?



  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a traditional relationship... don't let anyone knock you for it!

    1. I agree! Going against the grain in a society that says otherwise! Thank you!


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