November 19, 2012

Monday Catch-up: 11/19/12 ( Nigerian Funerals & BlackFriday Sales)

Happy Monday, Another work week starts but its a short one for most. except for me, Its just a regular work week for me. I work at  Jewish nursing home, so the holidays are not celebrated. My family is back in Michigan anyway , Mr. family is here & more & likely we will be going over there but to me, I would just want to rest for the night shift.

This weekend the Mr. & I went over to his parents house & visited & watched some videos from hid uncles funeral in Nigeria. For the life of me I was trying to understand why you would want to take pictures & film a funeral. To me it seems slightly disrespectful. I know in their culture they are celebrating life which I get but I don't know. In a way I felt like I was invading the family moments but watching the video. Then some of the ppl were sunglasses in church!? what? who does that? I know your crying & grieving but really?  Oh well. cultures are different & this will be my culture soon. Its something you have to get used to when you come from a different culture & i don't just mean American either.

We also had a conversation about the meaning of Names, & why we feel its important to name our children with strong meaningful names.  Very interesting conversation let me tell you.  I also told him that once we get engaged/married I plan on starting a new blog probably called "Two Tribes"  because that how I feel that we are. lol he laughed like crazy & said ok. lol!

I got some orders in yesterday which is great of course, I just seem to be having an issue charging shipping, like the website isn't charging correctly. idk, I have emailed them & I am sure I will find a  solution soon.  I also will be having  an After Thanksgiving sale for Black Friday & Cyber Monday.  so make sure you stay tuned. You can go to the shop to sign up for the newsletter to get notified.

How was your weekend?


  1. I think it's the sweetest thing that your blog will get a title after you are married-- too sweet. I too have issues with filming at a funeral, but my experiences were more of an outside documentary type intrusion to a private cultural and familial affair-- such interesting thoughts have been stirred by your post. Get some rest and have a beautiful day.


    We've got this amazing team hosting An Aloha Affair so that we can all gather and share and mingle with other beautiful creatives over the next few days. You are personally invited to join us, if you please, I'd love it if you would.


    1. Thanks! I know right?! about the tittle & funeral.


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