November 13, 2012

11/13/12 ( 1st trip to Whole Foods)

Hello everyone, I hope your weekend was well. This weekend I did my food shopping at Whole Foods for the first time! I know some of you are probably like " really just  now?" yep. Ive been wanting to shop there for a while but haven't gotten around to it.  The Mr. & I discussed our eating habits & decided we wanted to start shopping at Whole Foods for their healthier options.

I have to say that the customer service was wayyyy better then regular grocery stores! It was somewhat busy on the Saturday which i suspected, I didn't go earlier for the fact I was tired when I got home from work, I had to sleep for a couple hours. I loved the selection of fruits & veggies , one of the main points of me shopping there. I know the farmers market will be closing soon if not now, plus Whole Foods is closer. I wanted fresh, organic fruits & veggies. I don't mind paying the extra cost for better food for us.

I also fell in love with the meat section as well. All the meat looked fresh, usually at grocery stores not all the meat looks fresh, or appetizing to where you say " Oh! I want to cook that tonite"  All the meat had no chemicals injected & all that other yucky stuff, which for us is great. I really do personally believe that is why so many of our children are hitting puberty earlier & earlier & other sickness & diseases. It just makes you feel better feeding that to your family, knowing it doesn't have all that crap in  it. I mean honestly why should my food have  chemicals in it?

At the cashier, she was so helpful, going at a steady pace scanning the items so I could pack my groceries  usually at the store I am being rushed with no help from the cashier. She thoroughly checked my fruits & eggs & bagged my meats for me. It was awsome! lol  Did I mention that I got milk a whole dollar cheaper then the regular store? Yup I was in love with Whole Foods.

After Whole Foods I still went to the reg store to get some bottled water & a few things I couldn't find or get at Whole foods.

After discussing with Mr. how much I spent at Whole Foods for the meat & veggies & fruit we decided that from now on we would continue shopping there for those things, we like the peace of mind knowing our meat & fruits,veggies are organic, with no type of chemicals in them. we feel its a small price to pay for our health wanting to be better.

I know this post may be boring for some, since im talking about food shopping but hey its part of life right? Maybe I can encourage someone to look at their food more.



  1. I love, love, love Whole Foods. Glad that your experience was a positive one. I agree with you about all of the chemicals in our food being so harmful, we do need to focus more on what we eat.

    Ally @

  2. When I move next month, the Whole Foods will be the only grocery store within walking distance of us (and since we don't have a car, that's kind of our only option lol). I was kind of bummed about it since I feel like it might be more pricey, but this post is making me look forward to it now haha. I did used to go there a while ago but I only bought a select few I will have to buy pretty much everything there. Hopefully the one I go to will have a good selection!

    1. Awaw thats great! about the move & the fact this post inspired you. So happy for you Melanie!

  3. I adore Whole Foods! I am glad that you liked their customer service, we also have really nice people at ours :) I now buy all of my meat there! It can get pricey, so we only eat meat 1-2 times a week, and we buy it the day of so it's always super fresh!


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