July 1, 2012


Happy July ppl! Sadly its not a nice beginning for many of us here on the East coast sates - Maryland, Virginia states & D.C Are in a state of emergency. A storm Friday night has caused no power to just about everyone. Gad and food shortages, cellphones not working properly. Many counties like mine are on water advisory.  I ask that you guys say a lil prayer for us here.

My Friday nite at work was busy for the fact we had no power, I also work at a nursing home so we had to be extra careful.  I have to say we at our home & neighborhood are blessed, our power cords are buried underground so the storm didn't affect our power. I am so thankful.

My In- Laws have no power & are elderly so we have been checking on them frequently & I also made them some spaghetti so they can have something to eat , since they cant cook. We have just been resting & waiting it out. We consider ourselves Blessed for being able to have power, & AC since the weather has been very hot around here.

Just pray that we can pull it together & that we as states get the help we need....


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