July 9, 2012

Monday Catch-up 7/9/12

So this weekend was full of Birthdays of course I wasn't back home to celebrate with the loved ones It was still full of them . Saturday i had grocery delivered and the Mr. brought home lunch. The rest of Saturday was just resting.

On Sunday Mr. surprised me with a day trip to Virginia to this place where you can go on a little safari with your car. It was pretty amazeballs but Mr. was in in heaven! I just know he had to be like a hunter or some type of lion or something in his past life. haha . He was like a little kid but it was wonderful.  Of course I took video & pics & you can join our fun in the video below!

We ended the day like we do with most of our day trips , Dinner & Wine! We came back just in time because another storm was coming. I didn't  get to go to the farmers market for my veggies & get some more meat from the store but I'm glad i stayed in we enjoyed the rest of the nite.

This morning I got up early while he was getting ready & went to the store, I got the meat I needed for some meals this week & got some donuts & OJ.

I also had my morning cut out for me, I have to get the house back together from the weekend & finish our laundry, bathroom needs to be clean, dishes, & cook the meat for tonites dinner TACO SALAD! I cant wait!  Good news is as I'm typing I'm bout halfway done, then workout & shower then a little of pampering myself!


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