July 5, 2012


Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your holiday. The Mr. & I just rested for the day. I still have to work so I got some rest.

I have been really working on my eating habits as well, although I did have Burger King for dinner last nite ( minor slip up) Our wonderful stove decided that it doesn't ant to work anymore so now I have to switch my cooking to early in  the day since I have to use the stove upstairs that belongs to out landlady, which i will use when she is working.  Hopefully she can get the stove working soon, i like cooking in my own kitchen.

Its pay week so I have to pay bills & go food shopping, I have to order groceries from Peapod, I love Peapod! I love the fact I can order my groceries online & the next day its delivered fresh! better than the store!  It just save me alot of time, I can order my bulk of grocery & then just go to the farmer market on the weekend.


Today it will be back to doing housework & working out. I made meal plan for the next 2 weeks which honestly is easier & helpful when it comes to shopping & cooking because I know exactly what to get  & what I'm cooking. Im learning! It should definite help when I start school in Late August, I will have alot to juggle, school,work,taking care of house & Mr. so I will be looking for a system come that time.

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