July 18, 2012

7/18/12 (Pictures Included!)

Hello guys! So i didn't get to do a "Monday Catchup" sorry yall, I took a lil break from blogging. The weekend was very restful & lazy. Which when looking back I think we needed. Honestly during the week our rest & sleep pattern is very broken, so weekend's we tend to "catch up" on missed sleep & what not.

We went to Broody Winery in Hydes , Md on Monday the day of our anniversary. It was beautiful! We had a private tour & tasting & we also got 2 free wine glasses which I was excited about ( we don't have wine glasses yet) The weather was beautiful  & the wine was Delicious!  With the Private tour We could have a lil picnic so I made some sandwiches & fruit & we bought a bottle of tasty summer wine called Jazzberry ( highly recommend) & we sat out & had a wonderful lunch together! We talked about how we would love to have a wedding at  a vineyard since the atmoshpere is so us, but unfortunately Broody winery does not do weddings which we was kinda bummed about since we liked the area! We then grabbed another bottle to take home.

I made pot roast for dinner which turned out YUMMY! & then we just relaxed for the rest of the day, which was fine since we got home early like around 2pm & it was getting hotter.  Now we are spoiled with being with each other & Mr. is used to me being home at nite.  Oh well back to reality! Enjoy the picture show above!


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