July 19, 2012

7/19/12 (Life Goes On)

Its that time of the year where its wedding season but also my birthday is coming up. This particular year I have 2 very good friends who are getting/got married. Ill be 26 this year & with that age comes a little bit of "what the heck im I doing with my life?!" Its so hard to NOT compare yourself with what your friends are doing. You see them going into different seasons of life & you just seem stagnate.

I had a major like "What am I doing ?!" crisis when I was about to turn 25, now that I am about to turn 26 I am just like, "My Time has to be coming" OF course I always thought I would be further (as far as education,job) but I am not, for most of my 20s I ve had the same job. I cant say that my life hasn't been good, Ive been blessed in many ways. But I also still feel stagnate in ways too.

Ive lived in a state for going on 6 years & I still don't have any actual friends here, truth be told the only friends I ever had her were guys that I was "talking" to before I got into a relationship, the females friends I had before , well the friendships ended. So yes I don't really hang out, which is sucky sometimes because I am not used to that. My friends are back home & all over the U.S .  I don't know, i feel like im prepping somehow for something.

The thing is. I know my life is not done & only I can change it. I have a feeling that this new year is going to bring some major changes that I need to be ready for. I also know that everybody Else's season is not mine. Just because friends are getting married doesn't mean its my time. Just because they are done with school  doesn't mean its my time. When my season comes I know it will be perfect just for me. You cant rush things just because everyone is doing them , & let me tell ya I don't do things because everyone is either.

I have always done things on my own time, & I know this is one of them. But at least I can say this: Going into my new year next month I will be back in school & will be hard at work on finishing my Psych degree, there will also be hard work put into saving to move . So yes I have big things planned & yes they will happen.


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  1. Came over from Blog Hop till you drop. I really like your blog title. That's what made me click on it. Great, honest writing in this post. I went through a similar time in my 20s. Moving away from home is HARD! Seems to take forever to make friends. And I didn't get married until I was 30, so I was able to relate. Nice post!


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