June 4, 2013

6/3/13 ( Life since getting Engaged 2 weeks in )

How are you? So how is life since being engaged? Well happiness, laziness, feeling overwhelmed.. research..

The first week was pretty lazy.. it was all about decompressing from the vacay, I even took that week from bloggging. I also had to get used to my regular work schedule again.

I still look down at my ring and cant believe it happened for real.. I think back on how it happened and tear up.. All of it still is sinking in.

No date has yet to be chosen, last week I was still letting friends & family know.  I am in the process of getting a hold of the contact at our church concerning weddings.. I heard she is helping to plan a funeral so I haven't gotten to talk to her yet.  We mainly want to get we need to do from our church first before we choose a date.

I have also been chatting with my married friends on how they paid for and did their weddings. getting tips, & first hand knowledge. I think its good to gather info & tips from ppl who went through this before. I can learn a few things...

A few moments I have felt over whelmed because weddings cost so damn much! ugh! Totally turns me off.  Dont be surprised if we just got to the courthouse!

I have decided that I rather spend money on a nice log honeymoon then spend thousands on a a dress and big wedding.  The wedding should be about our close friends and family..

I have started looking around for wedding dresses yet nothing has stuck out.  If you know of any places then let me know!

There are moments where I sit and reflect on the new role I will be taking... to actually be a wife. I cant get away with certain things that I am used to getting away with. The joy that comes.  The fact I have been waiting for this moment for all my life.  The joy of others truly sharing in my joy with me is amazing.  The prospect of motherhood & the thoughts of wanting to be a stay at home wife.  I dont know it the housewife thing could happen, it really depends on many factors.  I find myself wanting to immerse myself into the Bible more to learn more about what God expects out of me as a wife.  Just things like that.....

Other then that We have been happy and just getting things back to normal. Ill update more when there is new developments.

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