April 5, 2013

4/4/13 ( So Im Back on Facebook & yes I still hate it..)

So a couple months back I went back on Facebook , the only reason was because a company I am working with asked me to be part Of their street team & the group meets on Facebook of course.  No I dont have hundreds of friends, I could though, Facebook shows me all the time my friends profiles, I admit its so easy to click on the page, look at the pics & yes I am tempted to add them, I have added just a few ppl.  I dont post on my timeline because there is no point & I really dont care, besides I have twitter i enjoy updating, I dont add my "friends" because in reality they are no longer my friends...  they are school mates & used to be best friends, we all have moved on with life & lets face it , Facebook isn't about connecting with friends & family its about seeing what others are doing so we can compare our lives to theirs then sit back & feel guilty, sad, pressured & whatever the heck else.  Its a place to be nosy in others business. & you know what? we give them that right to be in our business We post all of our lives on there then get upset when ppl comment of our lives & judge.

My real friends have my number & they call & text. I had hundreds of friends on facebook before, but was so easy for exes to come back & stalk others, none of them were friends.  At the end of the day I really dont care what is going on with your life...  I admit though the profiles I do see its nice to see how my ppl back home are doing.. I see quite a few have gotten married & building business, brands, etc I am happy for them.  I am  a private person. Yes I tweet alot but I am mindful what I tweet & I dont tweet personal stuff. That's why I like Twitter, you can tweet random & what in the moment...  Its like a constant ongoing convo...  Its not about how many photos you have ....

I never go in Facebook  only when I need to check in with the group,although I have been on everyday.. only because My sister got married last Friday in GA so I have been checking back for pics..  Can you believe I even a had some friends get offended because I refuse to add them on Facebook? Is this what friendship has come to? Is that what its all about? Who cares If  accept ur request or not?! I mean if ur a real friend you have my number.. what the hell does facebook have to do with our friendship? anyway.. i despise facebook and I may just stop being in the group just to get off, I haven't decided yet  I am trying to give it a shot to see how it helps to grow my blog.

What are you thoughts?

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