April 21, 2013

Spring Cleaning...

So today I woke up around 6:30 am, for some reason I tend to wake up early on Sundays... I got started on  doing laundry and cleaning the bathroom, then I slowly started just cleaning the while house.  I cleaned out our big walk in closet, honestly ever since we moved in 2 years ago I haven't really went through it & cleaned it. Today I did, now its nice & neat & organized.  I dusted & everything.

It has also been bothering me because I am home during the day,  I really do like a nice , neat  home. They say your home reflects your mind state. If you have a messy , cluttered home then your mind state is messy.  Just think about it.

I don't want to have to worry about if ppl come over if my home is messy. I feel better when my home is clean.  After all I personally feel its the woman's job to keep the home, ( of course some help don't hurt! lol)

Anyway.. its nice & clean now.. I was thinking about taking some pictures but frankly guys I'm tired.. so y'all gonna have to be happy with this .. lol smile.

Anyway how was your weekend?

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