April 11, 2013

4/10/13 ( Struggle to find where what we are suppose to do.)

You know even when I was young, a little girl I wanted to have my own business. Actually I had a small business when I was in elementary school.  My Momma ran the after school program at school , I had friends who made little crafts  & I also made something , I don't remember what it was but I banded all of us together & made a little store in the program.. Of course I was the boss & I would even dress up. lol

I sold Pens, Pencils , school supplies in class.  Shoot. Where I am from we hustle & we all had one. lol

With that being said,  as I got older I always felt that I needed to be in the Medical field.  I remember going to the hospital  with my Tia ( aunt)  and seeing her work.  I  was in a medical program in high school, studied Medial Assisting , graduated. but now that I am in school again & I am studying for Psychology , I don't care for it. I mean don't  get me wrong, I think its fascinating of why we do things and  medical wise. But my heart is not there, I honestly don't think it ever was.  I think I always went to medical because It was what I knew . I do love working with patients and doing lab work and what not, but it is stressful and can take its toll.

The past few years , what I want has changed dramatically. Now I desire to stay home when I marry and take care of my home & children but also I want to build my brand with my blog CurlyGirlBeauty and run my own business ShopCurlyGirlBeauty . Make a livable living doing that from home. Honestly that is where I am happy.

Its just in reality that is not happening anytime soon and I do want a career type job for right now, I am tired of my current one.  Its time I make more money.  I am thinking of changing my major to like computer graphics & what not.

As far as growing my business I have been networking like crazy and promoting like crazy as well . As for my blog I have been working alot with different companies which has been great, I am building bridges,  I have gotten a few paid opportunities which has been great & that money helped. Yet its nothing that I can quit my job and blog. I know I have it pretty nice now, I work nites where all i do is blog, watch shows, during the day i get to sleep, take care of home.. But that's not enough, although I am thankful. I just want to do what I enjoy doing.

I would love to have my own office at home, a desk, get up & blog.

This year My goal is to push myself when it comes to blogging,  network and build my business.  So far I am sticking to that. Its just a struggle but I do feel I am suppose to do that... I am just praying its God Will. because at the end of the day its what He wants that matters.


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