April 6, 2013

4/5/13 ( Florida Anyone?)

Well the weekend is finally here! thank goodness.. even though I have a pretty easy job , the nights can be rough & when the weekends come I cant wait to get some real sleep.  Plus spend time with my Mr.

So anyway,  I am pretty happy because Mr. has announced we are going on vacay next month! We are gong to Tampa, Fl, his brother & wife are there. The family has been discussing a big family trip for many months to go down there.  While the rest are meeting us down , we are driving down there by ourselves ( his cousin may also be coming) that way we can make stops & what not. He is excited, we already got the time off.  I am kind of excited but I will be more when its gets closer..  He actually didn't tell me about it for months, which I am glad, I would've been excited & what if it did not pull through.

Anyway.  We are slowly making plans.. until its just work.  I am really hoping we get to go to Disney world.  Its been like 4 years next month and I miss it. it was my home for 7 months. I loved living in Florida.  & Tampa is only like a hour away.. haha I do hope we get to do some things on our own.  I personally cant be around family too much. I like my alone time.

Anyway.. Any vacay plans for you guys? Dont forget to shop my store will ya? I just added some amaze Bath Teas! Come spoil yourself. 

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