October 27, 2012

10/27/12 ( I'm Still Here, In case ur wondering...)

Hello everyone! Its been about 2 weeks since I blogged last. So much has been going on.  I had to finish finals & final projects for school. Then  I also was going through something personal & just felt that I needed to step away from things & be myself. I tend to get  into those "moods" sometimes. I am famous for just disappearing on ppl & the world & becoming reclusive into myself.  I like being by myself & sometimes I feel its needed.

My Internet connection at home & work has been  finicky, so I haven't been able to really post & do all that I normally do but its ok because the inspiration to post here hasn't been here.  My cell phone has also been turned off which honestly has been amazing, I loved not having a connection with the world & ppl calling & texting me.  Again I can be & I am perfectly content being by myself.

Now it seems im getting to the swing of things again.  The election is coming, Im so excited to vote. #ObamaAllTheWay  & Ive been promoting my shop like crazy, I made a couple new soaps which are in the shop now, please go & shop , I also added some yummy Vegan lipbalms & a lip balm trip pack.

Life here in Maryland is kinda crazy right now, in my city where I live we have been having a number of sexual attacks on women which is scary, these women are out walking on the paths or something of the sort. Of course this makes Mr. very nervous ( he is very protective) which I dont blame him, when I drive to work at nite Im extra cautious because they still haven't caught the ppl or man that's attacking these women.

The state is also bunking down this weekend as Hurricane Sandy is suppose to hit us hard. So I plan to do some food shopping in the am as soon as I get off work.  Then Ill just be staying in the house & spending quality time with Mr.

Can I just say I ve been eating some YUMMY Key Lime cupcakes? A lady Mr. works with bakes & has a little cupcake/cake business, she always sends Mr. home with cakes & cupcakes for me to try. She wants to do our wedding cake! haha Which is fine, I told Mr. to tell her  she keep sending all the samples she wants! I told him she is definitely a choice for us. Dont get too excited for anything guys, we just talking! haha

All in all Im ok & just pushing through. Ill post again when Im able too.  Be blessed & if your getting hit by the Hurricane too please be safe & you will be in my prayers.

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