October 2, 2012

10/2/12 ( Im Back!)

Hello ervyone! I am back in the East Coast state from the Mid-West. Man! what a trip & what it took to get there. It was drama filled to even go, but at the end I ended up driving up to Michigan by myself. My frist  road trip by myself. I admit I was nervous at first but once I got on the road I became at ease. The drive there & back went smoothly.

It was so good to see  my sisters & my mother. I also got to see mi abuela (grandmother) & one of my great friends (Hey Stooge!) hahaha.  I ended up driving back Monday, When I got home I took a bath & rested.
All in All in was a good but short trip! Enjoy some pics....

I had to stop & get some Coney Island @NationalConeyIsland- We went on a Sunday so all the waiteress were rockin Lions gear. (Sadly we lost the game)

At the last stop in Ohio on my way back to Maryland, I finished my Tim Horton's Ice Capp surpreme that I will have in a while! *Insert Sad Face* 
 My little sisters, They have grown SO much. Love that they are finally older we have so much more in common.

 Arroz con Leche that my momma made! So yummy.. If you dont know its Rice in milk with cinnamon sticks. Classic Mexican

This Little one & I stayed up till 2 am Saturday nite watching funny videos on Youtube. Mi corazon. I used to be the only one who could put her to sleep when she was a baby.

My heart, mi abuelita.  

 Yea, so both my sister & mother on the phone texting. LOL! ( No that is not my sisters chair)
 This is my Stooge & I, aka Heather. Been tight since Highschool but known each other since Middle School. The true friends are the ones that always remian throughout the years, Beautiful smile ;)
I came home to a clean house! Mr. is awsome!
 This is all the stuff I brought back with me from my moms house, some is stuff she passed on to me & the rest is my stuff from my last apt.

That is the jist of my trip! I manily speant it with family & didnt take alot of pictures. I didnt take any while driving well because I was the only one driving! haha.


  1. That looks like fun! I've never been on a road trip by myself

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  2. It was so great seeing you stooge!!!!! Im coming to visit you soon :) Keep up the great blogging! :)


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