May 18, 2012


I swear he just puts a smile on my face, gives me strength to get through the day. He does the little things that make me feel so special that i cant speak. Some days i just immensely love him & other days i feel so overwhelmingly blessed i could burst!

I guess that's love for you. I got the love bug. I admit it.

He is my best friend, big brother,lover,protector,provider,Faith leader. He is the smartest man i know, Mr fix it, the best cooker, car mechanic,my solider & so much more.

I am just thankful.... this post was inspired by my Mr. surprising me with breakfast at work this morning..for no reason at all... He just felt God telling him to bring me some breakfast.

Its really not the BIG things our loves do, its the small thoughtful things. The things your love does that you depend on them to do.  Simple as that.


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  1. Such a sweet post! Found you on the blog hop, would love a follow back!


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