May 11, 2012


Sometimes you are in a situation so long that you no longer care about it anymore. The passion and the empathy that you had for others is no long gone. Making friendships with others becomes less important.

That's how i feel about my job. Ive done my job so much its boring literally which in many ways i am not complaining at all, i am actually blessed because it has afforded me other opportunities. It has come to an point where i am tired of the people , tired of the work and my schedule and want something different. This life here in Maryland has been mainly about this job i have  The whole time i have worked here i have had this job. Which on my resume looks good but i am bored.

I am thankful that i have this job, that i am able to get insurance and have straight full time and blah, blah, blah.. I do wish at times i did more at my job. At times i wish i was ion charge of the department because frankly i don't think our current boss is a good one. This job is just here for a certain time, till i am done with school or leave whichever one.

I should be getting paid way more than i do. That in it self pisses me right off.  I feel this job has screwed me in many ways and if you were to ask me i couldn't explain them , just take my word for it.  I am so glad i work nites, i don't have to deal with many people and i frankly like it that way, because its to the point to where everyone at my job pisses me off.



  1. I know how you feel! I am in a slump right now with my businesses. I dont feel the passion anymore. Ive been trying to change things up to get back into having fun doing it. I hope all works out for you!
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  2. I've been there a lot. I eventually found that I wasn't simply meant for the workplace at the moment. Our family decided that me being a stay at home mom was what was best for us.

    Maybe it's time for you to have a change too. I'm not saying do something frivolous and quit without a plan.. I'm saying maybe you should do some soul searching, and find something you're passionate about. Maybe a career change is for you. Maybe not.

    I wish you well! I found you from Blog Hop Til You Drop. :)

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  6. Girllll I feel the same way about that show!! New follower from the blog hop :)

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