May 22, 2012


Are you married yet? When are you getting married? Did he propose yet? What are you guys waiting for?

 Have you ever gotten these type of questions when you have been with your Love after a while?
  1. Our families are traditional
  2. We have been together 3 years & our families think its long enough ( His mother thought 8 months was long enough)
  3. He is the oldest  &  his other 2 brothers are married thus his family is anxious
  4. He is "older"  than me so his friends are ready for him to have children & a wife.
I talked to his mother well my mother in law today & she wanted to have a  serious convo with me & why we were not engaged yet. She asked what I was doing to help move the process along & asked what was taking him so long to pop the question. I simply told her that "He is going to do it when HE feels its right, not when others expect him, but he will soon" she just laughed.

She said she has been praying about us & knows that this match is right. The thing is that its coming.....
I can feel it sometime by the end of this year beginning of next year. But i am not going to nag him about it either, i don't feel i have too. He knows where my heart is, he knows what i want. We both knew this was the goal when we "got together" I also have strong faith & know he IS going to do it. You cant & shouldn't rush a big decision like this.

At the end of the day He is the MAN in our relationship & the MAN of our household, when he feels its the right time to take our relationship to that level then we will. I am perfectly fine & happy to submit to him on this & follow his lead. That's what i am suppose to do. I already know God has chosen me to be his wife.I am shown that everyday. I guess sometimes i wish our friends & family understood that, but i understand they just want us to be happy .


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  1. eek I would feel soo uncomfortable if my boyfriend's family had that convo with me! We've been together for 5 1/2 years now. Luckily I haven't really had any of his or my family mention marriage yet. I agree that it really is a big decision...and honestly I'm not 100% sure right now about marriage to begin with...I still feel way too young for it even though a lot of people my age are getting married now and I'm already in my mid 20s! haha. I guess I just don't see what the rush is. You can be perfectly happy without getting married!


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