May 29, 2012


This past weekend was pretty nice & tiring. Saturday was busy with shopping for the house food,supplies. I ended up working Saturday nite. Come Sunday morning I got all my veggies cut & meats packed away. I really look forward to cooking & trying some recipes this week ,now that we are starting our journey with Clean Eating.

I cant believe it will be June! It will by my lil hermana (sister) Bday and I am so excited this summer is full of birthdays as usual including mine & the Mr. & I's 3 year  anniversary ! I cant believe it! This year has been a blessing for us . I admit its kinda of hard to NOT think about this year coming up for the fact I am waiting for something (wink)

I am so excited to go to the hair salon next week! I Haven't been in 2-3 years. Its been a long time coming, It will be nice to pamper myself , Mr. says he wants to take me out to dinner that day too, which will be fun & nice. I like our "Couple Time" although its always  nice to have him , i admit I am the type of girl that likes to go out & do things, Idk I feel extra special when he takes me out. Its nice to be out the house.

I also have to say R.I.P to one of my best patients, Mr. Malcolm Jones , You will be dearly missed. I enjoyed our past few years together & I appreciated the facet that you made me see how fortunate I am for my health & for my life. You were a prime example of not letting serious health issues & a debaliting disease  define who you were. Although I am saddend by your death I know it was just your "Going Home" I know you were not scared, I know you were ready to met  your Lord,Your body is no longer suffering & that puts me at peace with your passing. Very few of my patients affect me & have a place in my heart like you do. You were one of the shining stars here at my job. Look down at me & guide me & watch me as you are our Angel now. You did amazing work & you made every one you came in contact with love you.  Our running joke between you & I was that we were a "couple" jajajaja You were the best boyfriend ever.  I remember you calling my desk & cell phone just to so you can hear my voice & talk to "your girl" to check on me & tell your praying for me. My visits up to your room to make sure the nurses was treating you ok.  Thank Mr. Jones, as i finish typing this at my desk tears begin to fall. I thank God that your now in your true home & I thank Him even more for blessing me with knowing You.

Love, Santana "Your Girl"


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